16 thoughts on “True Facts about the anteater

  1. Why is ZeFrank like lox? Because he’s on a roll …

    Goes to show, technically you don’t need offspring to tell a “dad joke.”

    1. And literally one second later I’m singing Koalas in the Rain. Song’s so catchy that it was the first thing that popped into my head as soon as I read “ZeFrank.”

      Koalas in the rain (koalas in the rain

      No fucks given (koala koala)

      I’m so happy right now 😀

  2. ‘True facts about the anteater’

    Shouldn’t that be ‘anteaters’ plural. Considered as a category they seem to closely resemble my shelf labelled ‘everything else’.

    For some reason I find pangolins incredibly cute (though I’ve never been close enough to smell one, apparently that might dispel some of the cuteness. Though that delightful little fellow at the end did seem to be enjoying a bath).

    Remember the well-known story about the first duck-bill platypus specimen that was initially believed to be a fake by zoologists? I think that story could just as soon have arisen about the pangolin or the echidna.


  3. Many thanks for this hint. I’ve been a fan of Zefrank for years, but I missed his return from his three-year hibernation cycle. 🙂

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