Sunday: Hili dialogue

May 13, 2018 • 6:30 am

by Grania

The news this morning is already grim, with a terror attack in Paris last night and another in Surabaya, Indonesia. The other predominant bit of news in Europe this morning is that Israel won the Eurovision. The song is utterly weird, but you can watch it here.

It’s Stevie Wonder’s birthday today, so that gives me the perfect excuse to listen to a couple of tracks from his prodigious catalogue.

On Twitter today:

Cats are kind and gentle and soft

A new and ingenious use for cats

It’s just as well they do not have opposable thumbs.

Ewww gross.

Lotsa feets

And a fossil. Noah had a lot of seriously big marine predators to consider when he built his boat.

Goldilocks: The Revenge

It is a mother’s job to embarrass her children

Lost in translation

Finally over in Poland Hili appears to be approaching apotheosis. Or at least, so she thinks.

Hili: In the beginning was the word and the word was “cat”.
A: And now you are inventing things, too.

In Polish:

Hili: Na początku było słowo kot.
Ja: Ty też zmyślasz.

Hat-tip:  Matthew


9 thoughts on “Sunday: Hili dialogue

  1. How amazingly terrifying C. megalodon must have been! Oh I mean, how amazingly terrifying they ARE, right, discovery channel? 😉 I bet those mermaids are a frequent prey item…

    And here’s a pedant’s pro tip: always harass people for referring to C. megalodon as just Megalodon by talking about the extinct bivalve genus. Yes, I too fear a long slow death by mollusk.

    1. Re. C. megalodon…when my wife saw it (she just happened to be walking behind me as I was marveling at it) she quipped: I would hate to meet that hamster.

  2. Are we sure that it’s not the brand +Jews! that just happens to look like iSmart upside down?

  3. That iPhone travel charger provides pretty convincing evidence the Rothschilds secretly control Apple, amirite?

  4. Only ( l i t e r a l l y ) The Commander’s handmaid
    am I; but TO the rest of the mothers ( USA’s at least )
    out here, Happy Mother’s Day !

    Let us all, as mamas, try in future to help
    to do thus: ELIMINATE child – inculcation of
    or by any religion and its religionists.


  5. If during the great flood it rained enough to cover even the highest mountains, wouldn’t that much fresh water have greatly diluted the salt in the oceans and would this cause fish that live in salt water to die?

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