Knife attack in Paris kills 1, wounds 4

May 13, 2018 • 6:45 am

I received a few worried messages and emails from friends this morning, and didn’t have any idea what they were about until I saw this headline in the NYT (click on screenshot):

Apparently this was an ISIS motivated attack, and the terrorist was captured. At first, when the NYT wrote the attack was by the Opera on the Right Bank, I was stunned, for I had a drink at a cafe right at the Opera last night and am staying only two blocks away. But it was the other Opera—the older one at the Palais Garnier—some distance away. I am near the modern Opera (Opera Bastille) in the Place de la Bastille.

So I am safe, but saddened that this happened again and upset for the friends and family of the four who were stabbed, presumably in the name of a twisted faith. They say the chances of being killed in this way are smaller than the chance of being killed by lightning, but that’s small consolation for the victims, and of course there’s nothing one can do about lightning. Not to mention that most of ISIS’s victims by far are not in the West.

Thanks to my friends for their concern.

12 thoughts on “Knife attack in Paris kills 1, wounds 4

  1. I have to admit that when I saw the reports I immediately thought about the fact that you were in Paris. I realised that the odds of you being involved were very tiny, but I was watching out for a post like this from you.

    Glad to hear you are okay. Enjoy the rest of your stay.

    1. I had the same feelings, and even checked places PCC had been that day against where the attack happened on a map to see how close or far away he might have been.

      The BBC is reporting that the suspect was a Chechen, which I found somewhat surprising, as the Chechens had previously focused their violent anger on Russia. The BBC also reported 11 dead and many wounded in a bombing in Indonesia, also claimed to be the work of ISIS. I imagine that due to the loss of their territory in Iraq, the nucleus of their dream( nightmare) caliphate, the remaining bastards will seek to remain relevant by continuing attacking soft targets around the globe.

    1. Are most of the shootings in Chicago the result of gang violence?

      In Paris you might be targeted for simply being Jewish.

  2. Of course Israel won. Netta is “big boned”, has a transy kind of look and the song hit all the right PC buttons. But the clothing, OMG!, CULTURAL APPROPRIATION, and she’s an OPPRESSIVE ISRAELI.

    The song strikes me as one of those “don’t objectify me, why aren’t you objectifying me, is it because I’m a BBW” efforts that the entitled and whiny so favour.

    1. I imagine your post was meant for the Sunday Hili Dialogue?

      I’m actually shocked Israel won, horrible song not withstanding, as there is no shortage of hatred for the nation these days. As for the song itself…W…T…F…?! Who thought that was worth listening to at all, much less awarding it anything? I mean, I know I’m careening towards middle age and all, but kids and their “music” these days! The nicest thing I can say about the music (I’m not saying anything about her appearance) is that it was the most annoying shite I’ve had the displeasure of hearing in a great long while!

  3. I’m glad you’re OK! My brother and SIL are also in Paris right now, and I haven’t heard back from them yet.

  4. I thought about you, but then I realized there were about 9 million other people who could have been hurt. (because I have never looked up the population of Paris before, so I assumed it was a little more than NYC, but it’s not, but if you’re going to fight an irrational fear it should be with irrational numbers)

  5. I work for a large multi national corporation, and recently their security officer (retired St. Louis police chief) gave a training session at our location. The key issues were dealing with a hostile invader in the office, but then, since many of us travel on business, he gave advice about safety, particularly terrorism safety in Europe.

    Fewer guns but more knife, vehicle and acid attacks.

  6. I’m glad you’re alright. Feeling bad for individuals hurt or killed and their families and friends. Sickened by the suicide bombers’ attack in Indonesia; done by families including a child.

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