Note to readers (and duck information)

May 6, 2018 • 8:15 am

As always when I’m traveling, I ask readers to hold onto their wildlife photos until I return, and to cut down on the number of emails they send, as they accumulate too rapidly for me to handle. One email every four days or so sounds about right. As usual, though, if I make errors in my posts, feel free to contact me immediately.


The final duck news: in an hour or so I will feed Frank, who this morning was sitting on the bank of the pond, staring forlornly at the water. But he’ll have two duck-sitters in my absence, so there are no worries about his care. If I hear of ducklings, I will of course inform you.

. . . . . .

I’ve just fed him, but he’s busy staring at the pond and neglecting his breakfast. Something is going on, as there is nothing on the pond to attract attention, and no ducks in sight. I have no idea what he’s up to, but he’s clearly alert in the direction of the pond. Here’s a photo of him neglecting his breakfast to look at the water. Of course I like to think he’s waiting for Honey, but who knows what’s in a duck’s mind?

8 thoughts on “Note to readers (and duck information)

  1. This morning I was out back of our place and the loudest geese honking was going on. I looked at the neighbors’ house and a large Canada goose was standing at the peak just honking away. Soon the honking got louder and faster and off he went with two others coming up to follow. Whatever is on the mind is not for us to know.

    1. It might not be for us to know, but it’s fun to venture a guess or two. One goose may hollar, “Better grazing over this hill!” ,another may say “At least I didn’t slip, trip, or stumble when I landed on this roof!” .

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