7 thoughts on “How everyone is marginalized

  1. Cultural appropriation seems like such a minor and often childish event in the world history of events. Many years ago when the earth was being rapidly eaten up by a few fascist countries, Germany, Japan and Italy I don’t think anyone cared which group stood up to defeat this scourge and those who did seem to get little credit today.

    1. The chutzpah of today’s German leadership, and the fact that it gets away with it, shows that these events are happily forgotten.
      (I fear that I am culturally appropriating by writing “chutzpah”.)

      1. Oh, I don’t think so. But then my idea is that culturally appropriating is just an invention that hardly exist.

  2. It may be difficult for those of us who are aware of the many “countries” we have ancestors from to partake of “cultural appropriation” unless we want to give equal time to each. I have ancestors from six or seven countries that I know of. Even then, unless you know precisely where and when each ancestor resided, you don’t really know if, for example, an English ancestor’s origin was Anglo-Saxon, Norman, Viking, Irish, Welsh, or a mixture, etc. Same for all other countries where boundaries continually changed and populations were chronically in flux.

  3. Many of us today live a completely different world than the one our ancestors lived in. Just a few generations ago people lived a much shorter life and lived under the fear of death of something totally curable today. That being said there seems to be a need by people to not appreciate the opinions of others. In an age of anonymity without fear of retribution people seem to have lost a bit of there humanity. Some of us feel the need to find something to be irate about . As Americans we have adopted many aspects of other cultures that have immigrated here it makes us who we are. Some people need to understand this and grow thicker skin and appreciate what we have living in the age we live in

  4. ironically perhaps, but i must admit that i’ve always found it difficult to appreciate bloom county on its own merit, due to its too obvious stylistic appropriation of its cultural predecessor doonesbury …

    1. Wouldn’t that be artistic appropriation?

      “Good artists copy, great artists steal.”
      – Pablo Picasso

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