Random photos in Delhi

December 17, 2017 • 1:15 pm

Breakfast at the hotel in Delhi: a dosa (they had a dosa station where a guy would make them to order), fresh fruit, baked yogurt with raisins (a dish new to me) and a passionfruit smoothie. Afterwards I had fresh watermelon juice and a cappuccino.  I ate very lightly because we were going to Karim’s for lunch (more on that tomorrow).

A pi dog on the street. Most revert to this yellow color in villages, but in cities they get color genes from domestic dogs and so are more varied. Don’t worry—it’s not dead (I checked); it’s just napping in the sun.

A bicycle rickshaw driver: the world’s hardest job. I tried driving one once, and it was nearly impossible. These guys work until they’re old, and then they die. Life is tough for most people here.

The reflected face of our motor-rickshaw driver in a terrible Old Delhi traffic jam (it’s always terrible) on the way to Karim’s. Pictures of a meaty lunch at Karim’s tomorrow.


7 thoughts on “Random photos in Delhi

  1. There was this on Wiki I found very interesting.

    Being a naturally evolved breed, they have very few health concerns and thrive with minimal “maintenance”, especially in tropical weather.

    The skin needs very little grooming and the dogs themselves are relatively clean. They have no body odour. Genetic health ailments like hip dysplasia and so on are extremely rare since there is no inbreeding and the dominant genes that aid their survival are naturally selected over time

    They are generally very healthy and average life expectancy is over 15 years under good care.[8] Most of the deaths in these dogs occur due either due to accidents on the roads or tumors in the body.

  2. If only these pics could be transported back to the time that issue of National Geographic was printed, the one with the girl with striking blue eyes … meaning – I don’t know…

  3. The rickshaws remind me of the bit in one of Sagan’s books where he describes how his grandfather was a beast of burden. We must now remember when we read things like that that it still goes on.

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