Wildlife photos: Spot the snow leopard

November 21, 2017 • 9:15 am

This is from Matthew, of course, who originated the “spot the” series.  Here we have a hidden snow leopard (Panthera uncia) amidst a group of Siberian ibex (Capra siberica). Can you spot it? Answer later on today.

20 thoughts on “Wildlife photos: Spot the snow leopard

  1. Yes, very hard to see. Especially since you cannot zoom in on this one. I would rate this one as pretty difficult.

  2. This is an excellent ST_ entry because the picture is also beautiful.

    I spotted it within about 5 seconds of my second viewing.

    … “(he’d) scare them out of their jumpsome lives, he would indeed!”

    1. Exact quote:

      … “and when the Giraffe or the Zebra or the Eland or the Koodoo or the Bush-Buck or the Bonte-Buck came by he would surprise them out of their jumpsome lives. He would indeed!”

    1. Very close to invisible… until he moves.

      An interesting genetic arms race playing off speed to attack/run away, quality of camouflage against visual acuity, patience over opportunity, alertness over grazing, and so on.

  3. Indeed, first I thought I saw it, but then I saw it clearly, just somewhat closer than my first suspicion. Took me quite a while, would have been breakfast.

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