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      1. Sorry, I’m not entirely convinced on the security behind voice activated apps.

        Maybe I’m just paranoid!

        1. It is paranoia.

          If you were to commute to work on bike everyday, you would be first in line to have the sacks of warm meat and water replaced by automated machines that operate the 3000+ lb pieces of equipment driving next to you.

        2. I’m not entirely convinced on the security behind voice activated apps.

          I am convinced – which is why I keep them disabled too. (Not that I’ve had an iDevice since about 2011.)
          You’re not paranoid – they are out to monetise their customer’s every word.

          1. Roombas make maps these days? They didn’t in the past. [reads article] Dumb move. Cameras too? Dumber move.
            [Finds non-existent Samwalimas present list. Chisels out “Roomba”.]

  1. Siri said: “I can’t find silhouetto of a man, would you like me to check the web?”

    Maybe someone can post what siri says that is supposedly funny.

    1. Siri goes into a long statement that is very strange and funny. You are probably leaving something out or Siri is not quite understanding you. In must be said exactly as Jerry shows.

  2. I don’t have a cell phone or anything with Siri. Am curious about what happens! Hard to get bars around here – the reception is awful. so I have not bothered .plus I am intimidated by much of tech, I do admit.

      1. In a dark cellar in Cupertino … it’s rather like a scene from Pulp Fiction. prototype-Siri gets mediaeval.

    1. Well, if you say “I see a little silhouetto of a man” at a digital assistant that has been programmed by somebody with a sense of humour what do you think it might say back?


      1. I had Bohemian Rhapsody in my head all day because of this post. Which is better than the Pussy Riot song I had in my head from The Handsmaid’s Take.

    1. One of the developers at work showed me commented delivered code that was a song but we couldn’t remember which one.

      The funniest response I ever saw from a system was a SUN system that spat out “back to the drawing board baby” when we did something wrong in it (can’t remember what).

      1. If you played the original “Colossal Cave”, there was a range of phrases which elicited the response “Watch out! The Wizard is watching!”

      1. Well, he certainly has a stellar reputation!*

        But in this case, you might have thought Apple would have let him know.


        * Some might appreciate an explanation: May has a Ph.D. In astrophysics, was a long time friend and collaborator of the late Sir Patrick Moore, has appeared on Stargazing Live ŵ Prof. Brian Cox, &c., &c.

        1. … and May more-or-less completed his thesis in about 1976, but didn’t submit it and earn his PhD until about 2000. Which probably elicited some comments from “PhD” the webcomic, since one of their long-running themes is “the power of procrastination”.

          1. Yeah. Arguably he should have been disqualified; most unis require Ph.D. candidates to submit their theses within a time-limit (a few years). So it might have elicited some comments from other postgrads who left it to late … 


          2. The Imperial College website says, “After a viva on Aug 23rd, the revised thesis was approved on Sept 24th 2007, almost exactly 37 years after it had been commenced.”


    1. Animal is Awesome.

      I wouldn’t stand there.

      Why not? What’s that line for?

      That’s how far Animal’s chain reaches.

    1. Actually, the original little silhouetto of a man was Donald Trump’s first appearance at the Republican National Convention.

    2. And as a result, Jared has what is probably a new nickname.


      That would be because Scaramucci is known to some as Mooch. Probably not quite the gravitas Jared had in mind for his role as Son In Law of the President of the United States of America.

      1. Haha. We need George Bush back to hand out the nick names. He called Puin “Pooti-poot” right to his face. W was aggravating but there were times when he was pure joy.

          1. What with the word “silhouette,” I was speculating that it was Billy Joel:

            “She’ll cut you once, she’ll cut you twice . . . she’s so good with her stiletto.”

          2. Not to me she didn’t – she told me that only Freddie Mercury could do that song justice though a bunch of karaoke fans would disagree.

          3. Check again tomorrow.
            There’s a Google-a-like “voice assistant” too, isn’t there?

          4. Funny you asked – I tried this morning and put the results somewhere in this thread.

    1. Susan, no one’s gonna let us in on it. I’m assuming that “Scaramouche, Scaramouche” gets replaced by “Scaramucci, Scaramucci,” can’t imagine what the fandango part turns into, but don’t care to know anymore after listening to all the teasers here.

      1. Nope, that’s not what happens. Also, you can use it on an iOS device or just google it and you’ll find stuff on YouTube.

  3. In a similar vein – this time of probably unintentional connections instead of intentional ones – I just found an advert in my inbox offering me “Free Soap & Glory Bright & Pearly Body Spray”.
    Those of a certain age will remember a sitcom theme song about “Land of Soap and Water / Mother washing her feet … ” which sprang to my mind on reading this. Then I had to shout “Shaddup!” at the connection between “Pearly Body Spray” and the “Robin” of “Kapow Batman”.
    Don’t blame me!. Balme the world which brought us this, President Trump, and all the products here.

  4. Ist answer,”you can be anything you want in my realm” 2nd answer,”I don’t really understand this gender thing”

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