7 thoughts on “Newborn baby elephant learns to stand and walk

  1. Sorry – I couldn’t watch this without thinking about that picture of pussygrabber’s son with the spoils of his elephant shoot . . . this travesty in the WH is giving me PTSD. Thanks for the clip in any event – have shared it around!

  2. It is a marvel how a brand new nervous system steadily acquires new motor skills over a period of minutes. I wonder how they do that.

    1. I can imagine the early walkers of the animal world simply devote a large number of neurons to the task. At birth the neurons would be waiting for input from experience to build a quick network of connections. Humans, on the other hand, are so slow to develop motor skills that the neonatal brain must lack significant capacity for walking. In the meantime, our brain begins learning language from the beginning. So we have walkers and talkers.

    2. I’d think many connections and movement elements would be made in the womb. The fetus, after all, is a living creature and is capable of movement. And, for that matter, detecting orientation in space. Given that that’s in place at birth, once the newborn is out, all the machinery has to be “calibrated” under new conditions. THAT’s the miracle.

    3. Does any other animal have babies as pathetically helpless as humans and for such a long time?

      What’s the evolutionary explanation?

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