White women should get abortions to end white supremacy

June 23, 2017 • 10:30 am

UPDATE:  Several people have suggested that this website is a fake–that is, the pieces are satirizing extreme social-justice warriorism. It’s possible, but as Ben pointed out in the comments, it’s not good satire since it’s indistinguishable from the object it’s satirizing. In other words, it’s not pure satire but a hoax, designed to be misleading.

Now I’m willing to entertain the possibility that I’ve been taken in, and have written to the site asking if it’s a hoax. (Of course, why should I believe anything they tell me?). But if a reader can prove it’s a hoax, then I’ll send him/her/it/hir/them an autographed copy of either of my trade books.


Medusa, an online magazine whose masthead proclaims “Feminist Revolution Now”, seems like a version of Everyday Feminism for women a bit older: it aims to shame everyone who doesn’t conform to its rigid ideology, and is unabashedly Control-Left. (See, for instance, its recent piece calling Evergreen State College professor Bret Weinstein a racist who should be fired immediately for refusing to leave campus as a white man in the Day of Departure). But the article below, which at first I took to be a joke, is about the worst thing I’ve seen coming from intersectional feminism. The title of the piece by Nicole Valentine tells all; click on the screenshot to go to the article.

It’s blatantly racist, recalling the bad old days of eugenics, but of course the intersectional feminists will say that calling for white people to abort their fetuses to stop white hegemony is not racism, because “racism equals prejudice plus power.” I don’t buy that, and I don’t think anyone should buy into that, or allow anyone to discriminate on the basis of ethnicity just because they’re from an ethnic group lower down on the Ladder of Oppression. The ranking of The Oppressed is problematic anyway, for it actually puts Jews at the Unoppressed top, and where do you rank Hispanics versus Muslims? The right thing to do is decry bigotry in all its forms, while remaining conscious that some groups suffer a lot more from bigotry than others. But Valentine, whose Gravatar profile is below, wants to do what the Nazis did to those deemed inferior: stop them from giving birth. In this case, it’s through the abortion (presumably voluntary!) of white fetuses.

No, this is no joke. Valentine’s thesis is that white breeding “replicates the white family unit,” thus reinforcing white supremacy. White abortion solves at once the problems of too many white people in America as well as the hours white people devote to raising their kids, which could be used to assist women of color. Although a Pew Survey from 2015 shows that black and Hispanic families are already larger than white families, Valentine seems to want the average family size of whites to be zero (as she says in her piece, “the white family unit must be destroyed”). Here are the Pew data:

Among mothers near the end of their childbearing years, Hispanics and blacks have the largest families. On average, a Hispanic mother ages 40 to 44 has had about 2.6 children. By comparison, black mothers have had about 2.5. White and Asian mothers have families that are a bit smaller, on average. White mothers have 2.3 children, and Asian mothers have 2.2 children.

Okay, on to Valentine’s piece; I give a few quotes:

It is no surprise, then, that America’s fascination with the white family unit has gone hand-in-hand with the historical proliferation of white supremacy. After Bacon’s Rebellion, white micro-fieftans thought it necessary to expand the definition of white family to encompass the entirety of white society, so as to coerce the working class to fight amongst itself based on racial lines. Whites are embedded from birth with the sense of common white identity, and this identity conditions them to replicate the white family unit, thus furthering the cycle of white supremacy in America. That is why the white family unit must be destroyed.

And the call to arms (or to Planned Parenthood), which says that white women who call themselves progressives, but have any kids, are hypocrites:

White women: it is time to do your part! Your white children reinforce the white supremacist society that benefits you. If you claim to be progressive, and yet willingly birth white children by your own choice, you are a hypocrite. White women should be encouraged to abort their white children, and to use their freed-up time and resources to assist women of color who have no other choice but to raise their children. Women of color are in need of financial and humanitarian resources. As this white supremacist society continues to imprison black fathers, women of color are forced to stand alone in their plight to raise the next generation of Americans. White women: instead of devoting your time and energy to white children who will reinforce the struggles of women of color, how about asking women of color in what ways you can assist them in their self-liberation? How about adopting children of color who have lost their parents to the destructive white supremacist society that you have enabled and encouraged?

Of course, the best choice is to act preventatively to ensure that white children are not at risk of being born. But in circumstances in which termination and generation are the options, it is best to take advantage of your right to choose, and abort in favor of assisting women of color.

Of course there’s still racism in America, and we must remain aware of it and fight against it. You can see plenty of that racism on white supremacist and neo-Nazi websites, and I decry it in the strongest terms. But the difference between that racism and the views of Nicole Valentine, which aren’t that different, is that white supremacists are mocked and reviled by all thinking people, while Valentine’s racist and eugenics views are on tap in a progressive feminist website. Oh, the humanity!

Here’s Valentine’s Gravatar profile, showing a bit more racism

h/t: Orli

106 thoughts on “White women should get abortions to end white supremacy

    1. I dont think the post is serious. I dont even think the site is serious. There is another article that suggests that straight males are ‘homophobic’ if they dont perform oral sex on gay friends’ Thats got to be a parody of the left.
      A more insidious possibility is that its a product of the right, the goal of which is to anger and polarize whites into being more supportive of the alt-right and Trump.

      1. https://medusamagazine.com/why-free-bleeding-is-an-essential-part-of-feminism

        “There are so many reasons why free-bleeding has become an important topic in the realm of feminist issues. Free-bleeding is a way to spread awareness to important feminist issues. Many women have chosen to bleed freely because they want to spread awareness to women who cannot afford to pay for their own feminine hygiene products, like homeless women and impoverished women all around the world. It’s an in-your-face statement that gets people talking about this taboo subject.”

  1. Your white children reinforce the white supremacist society that benefits you. If you claim to be progressive, and yet willingly birth white children by your own choice, you are a hypocrite. White women should be encouraged to abort their white children, …

    ZOMG! Seriously? {Struck speechless!}

  2. I don’t think we need to soften it even in the slightest.

    Valentine is a vile, disgusting racist. The only difference between her and a Nazi is the color of the sacred skin.

    That, like any good Nazi, she wants to abort all babies with impure blood in order to protect the chosen ones like her…well, she also just told us that she’d be overcome with joy to herd the inferior races into the gas chambers.

    Law enforcement would be wise to keep a very close eye on her and her associates. This sort of rhetoric is consistent with planning a McVeigh-style terror attack.

    And civilized people everywhere will shun this nasty, racist piece of shit.



    1. And the weird assertion that, “Whites are embedded from birth with the sense of common white identity”. So white babies already think of themselves as white. I got a bad sunburn (in the shade) as a fresh newborn and I still don’t think I, as a baby, thought of myself as white….probably just thought, “ouch” in my non-verbal way.

      1. Never mind that…what the hell is “white identity” supposed to be in the first place?

        I mean, just look at all the existential struggles in European history between “white” people — and how many of the people on either side first identified themselves as “white,” as opposed to German or French, Protestant or Catholic, Montague or Capulet?

        And in Europe alone, how many are “really” white? Spaniards? Italians? Romani? Jews? Turks? What about Persians — are they white? Literal Caucasians, too, from the Caucasus mountain region…they’ve got a pretty decent built-in skin tan.

        Sheer insane madness, out of which absolutely no good can possibly come.




        1. “White women: instead of devoting your time and energy to white children who will reinforce the struggles of women of color […] how about adopting children of color who have lost their parents to the destructive white supremacist society that you have enabled and encouraged?”

          Seen from old sister Europe, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, with two children adopted who were born in Africa, it seems that those “questions” and “problems” of religious, national, ethnic etc identities have called for very bad solutions in the past. Sheer insane madness, yes, I completely agree with you.

        2. Lumping all white people into one group is regressives’ way of rejecting the idea that there are all sorts of different groups among white people, from Slavs to Irish to Italian, etc. If you’re white, you’re evil and racist, and you don’t get to have an identity beyond being horrible.

  3. I had thought the Christian Church was against abortion and that Christ was supposed to have muttered something about “Whoever harms one of my little ones……”
    Niccivalentine seems to have more cranks than the entire production line of model T Fords unless this is a windup.

    1. I can only speculate that she has invented her own religion around Jesus, who was a person of color of course. That last bit would be true enough if he ever existed.

    2. All that crazy, and a Jesus nut too. Nicci’s got it all!

      If she’s not trolling, she’s dangerously sociopathic. We should get her in touch with Gwyneth Paltrow. I’m sure they could come up with a patch to balance the energy of white women to make them happy and yet disrupt their reproductive energy so they can’t have children. Problem solved.

  4. There is an increasing number of far-lefties openly calling for genocide. There was a self-professed “blackademic” calling for it at Trinity College.

    Yeah, but the real problem is Dave Rubin, bruh!

    1. Imagine her on Rubin’s show. She might actually give him such pause he that he would begin to wonder if evolution could actually produce such a mis-step.

      1. I think it is safe to say such a regressive racist such as Nicole would stay well clear of Rubin’s show.

  5. I am full of smiles right now. The thought of someone swimming through reality soaked deep with this level of delusion. This makes for a good chuckle.

  6. I am surprised that this disgusting, racist, authoritarian woman doesn’t go just one step further and require all white women to kill their own children to accomplish her horrific goals.

  7. Well, at least I did the right thing as a white woman and didn’t reproduce. Finally! A group of women who think I am partially awesome (I’m still white after all). 😉

    1. I’m afraid that you are still not quite off the hook, unless you used the time liberated this way to babysit non-white children whose dads were serving time.

  8. This is repugnant, appalling, and idiotic — and this from a woman who proudly proclaims her Christianity! How Christlike. I, too, am at a loss for words. But then I go to the Medusa website searching for an “about” or “mission statement” tab, and find nothing. Who are they? Instead, I find all kinds of crazy articles, such as one on “free bleeding” — women should not use tampons, they are a tool of the patriarchy — women should just bleed free when they menstruate.

    1. Tool of the patriarchy? FFS! Personally, I just like to be clean, not wreck my clothes, not create extra work trying to get the blood out, not be smelly, be comfortable, not wreck the furniture or the car upholstery and probably about a dozen other things.

      1. Remember when that runner bled freely during the race and they said it was raising awareness about how women have to hide their periods? Why don’t we pee and poop freely too?

        1. Yes, excellent point, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find advocates for free pissing and shitting, too. It’s all so natural.

  9. Un-effing-believable! And the amazing thing is, all the arguments I could make against her stupid idea, she would interpret as racist. There’s no way to have a cogent debate with someone like this.

    She’s just as authoritarian as a member of DAESH.

  10. Given that Asians outstrip just about everybody else in achievement, isn’t she also likely an example of the power structure? She should rank way down the totem pole.

    White men need not contact? What kind of man of any stripe would contact this little vile twit?

  11. If I were a woman of color, I would not let some crazy white woman who aborted her baby anywhere near my kids.

  12. It’s a slow-motion moral car-crash. Except she’s ploughing the car into the crowd deliberately.

  13. This is where the sickest form of tribalism and the warped collective concept of the ‘greater good’ usually and almost always leads. We have mainstream scholars and writers espousing nazi philosophy like it was nothing; like it was normal everyday stuff. And there is virtually no outrage and these brain-dead regressives get to collect a paycheck. They should be free to say what they want but they should be saying it while starving from a filthy gutter and begging for pennies.

  14. I’ve just read a few articles on Medusa and am pretty certain it is a satirical site. The fact that they allow comments on the Nicole Valentine article (almost all very negative) says it all.

      1. Even if it is satire, it’s bad satire.

        The Onion could pull off something like this, and make it so scathing and biting that there’s no question that the article posed as a warning sign to the crtl<= that this is the path they’re on.

        This, instead, is Poe’s Law illustrated at absolute best.


        b& >

        1. My first impression was that this is a Poe; “free bleeding” may have been cooked up on 4Chan or a similar site as a means of trolling radical feminists.

          However, given the content of some of the posts and articles written by regressives, I could also see as an expression of a small but growing sentiment among the far-left.

          Much of the latter’s material plummets into self-parody anyway.

          1. Illustrative too of the one-uppery element from the Ctrl-Left. That is, what ever is a ‘mainstream’ in that group will soon enough find itself to the right of the neo-Ctrl-Left.

      2. I won’t bet on it, but I do wonder if this is some sort of alt-right trolling. It uses some right-wing themes–minorities out-breeding whites, abortion as genocide, etc.

    1. May be. This has the whiff of a Poe with some built-in irony


      There are several tip offs this is a Poe. First it is coherently written with a tone I would describe as poised. I detect irony in the fillip of “powdered wigs” near the end.

      And then there are the bald statements of the underlying logic: “Think about it, why else would there be so few women in STEM?” Litotes. The people who write this kind of crap for real are never so open and bald in expressing their premises.

        1. Did you read the linked article? https://medusamagazine.com/youre-a-bigot-if-you-wouldnt-have-sex-with-a-gay-friend

          “The idea that you need to be attracted to someone to engage in sexual acts with them is absurd, archaic and has no place in modern society. Guys masturbate and touch their own penises all the time, how is that any gayer than touching another man’s? Because the penis is attached to a different person than you? Give me a break. If it was physically possible, I’d bet a lot of men would suck their owns dicks if they could. ”

          That doesn’t sound like satire to you? It sounds just like it to me, probably from someone who is hostile to the court ruling discussed in that post.

          1. Had The Onion written that “blow your gay friend” article, it would have ended it with an off-the-cuff suggestion that hot women should similarly be happy to sleep with their ugly male friends.

            And, were it satire, the response would not have been “Teh tr0llz0rs be h4tin!” but a short, dry observation that the critics have no sense of humor.

            If the response itself is meant to be a continuation of the “satire,” then it’s gone waaaaaaay past the point of satire and into full troll mode in a manner as socially unacceptable as that which it pretends to parody.




            1. Had Jonathan Swift written it would have been better too. We aren’t discussing whether it’s as funny as the Onion might be. We are discussing the *intent* of the thing. Even failed jokes are evidence of intent. And I don’t think all the jokes fail: the “under-represented in days” is sly, elegant, and on-target. That barb is actually worthy of Dr Swift. The cock sucking article sounds a lot like what I used to read in National Lampoon.

              1. I had the same thought when I first heard Rush Limbaugh. After all, no one could be that stupid. Wrong. I. was.

          2. I posted that article below, but here’s the thing: I’ve seen the argument made multiple times that if you’re a man that wouldn’t want to have sex with a trans woman that still has a penis, you’re a transphobic bigot. This stuff (as well as the other articles being posted) is completely in line with already professed regressive ideas. Even if it is satire, ideas like this have been promulgated by regressives in earnest previously.

            1. ” ideas like this have been promulgated by regressives in earnest previously”
              Yes. That’s *why* (the reason why) one would satirize it. This pushes the idea one step further, to pre-trans men. (See what I did there?)

            2. That’s the very essence of Poe’s Law.

              Completely removed from the subjects on Medusa; Let’s switch to the health care debate currently raging in American politics.

              I could very easily and honestly write a sincere opinion piece on why we should have Medicaid for All — why we should let anybody and everybody buy into Medicaid. And, as part of that, I’d probably suggest that a decade-out provision of such a plan should include making it illegal to offer private insurance for services covered by Medicaid. Anything not covered, such as luxurious private hospital accommodations or non-reconstructive plastic surgery or what-not would be fair game for private insurance, but not basic health care. This would guarantee health care as universal as today’s other socialized services — police, fire, drinking water, military, highways, drug safety, and so on. Big business should be all over it, too, because they can slash their HR budgets (no need to pay for nor administer health insurance) — as well as unions, who would welcome the freedom of not having your boss decide if your daughter can get her cancer treatment.

              Whether or not you agree with me on such a position, you should have no trouble imagining that, say, Rush Limbaugh writing a satire that makes those exact same points in a practically-indistinguishable manner that his Dittoheads would interpret as satire ridiculing such an obscene notion.

              But what if, instead of Limbaugh, it was one of his random unknown Dittoheads who wrote it? And with no context establishing him as a member of the alt=>? On a Web site with no “satire” warning labels that otherwise presented itself as straight-up ctrl<=?

              Would the “fact” that the author “intended” it to be “satire” be at all relevant — or would it instead simply be a straight-up advocacy piece for universal health care, an “own goal”?

              Those are the possibilities here for Valentine. If she’s sincere, she’s one of the ugliest, most reprehensible and disgusting people on the planet. If she’s aiming for satire, she’s such a failure at it that the end result is that she’s still one of the ugliest, most reprehensible and disgusting people on the planet.

              If she comes out with a retraction in the next few days admitting that it was a bad attempt at trolling, I’d be willing to cut her a proportional amount of slack. But certainly not as it stands now, no matter what twisted fantasy is rotting her mind.




            3. Yeah, you know your movement has jumped the shark when you can’t tell its dogma from satire.

    2. I don’t know how much strength to attribute to this evidence, but a thorough Internet search fails to produce anything called “Progressive Women’s Christian Ministry” anywhere.

      Of course, the author might just be lying.

    3. If it is a satirical site or a poe site then it’s quite an expensive one as they are paying GoDaddy money to have it registered through Domains By Proxy and are using the Cloudflare service to serve everything on that website through HTTPS connections.

      Can’t really see anyone spending that kind of money just for satire or poe.

  15. Perhaps we should pause to think about the more positive implications…
    A syllogism:
    1) No one in their right mind would follow this idiotic advice
    2) Someone who WOULD follow it is, de facto, an idiotic regressive leftist who would pass on this idiocy by (either gene or meme) to one of similar make up
    Therefor, if we just leave this idiot and those who would follow this advice to their own devices, this idiotic human strain will eventually go extinct

    1. Thing is, this sort of idiocy isn’t satisfied with offing itself; it thrives on collateral damage. The last time we saw it on an international scale in the West, we got WWII. Nor was it very pretty not that long ago on a local scale in Rwanda.

      Combatting bigotry, especially as vile and repugnant as Valentine’s, requires more than merely pretending the bigots don’t exist. It calls for forthright denunciation and shunning, coupled with careful vigilance to be on the alert for when, as all too often is the case, the bigots act according to their stated intentions.

      Who here would be surprised if Valentine sucker-punched a pregnant white woman in the belly? Or if somebody of a similar mindset drew inspiration from her toxic spewings to do something like that?




    2. The advice is idiotic but, to me, it is just reductio ad absurdum of the systematic indoctrination of white youths that, being white, they are sinned because of alleged evil done by their ancestors or other white people, and so they must spend their lives apologizing to non-white people and giving them things.

  16. What’s particularly disturbing about Valentine, La Sha, Son of Baldwin etc is the mental progression they illustrate. The way that, having constructed their carefully insulated moral system to align with the identitarian politics of intersectionality, and thus defined white people as the hated out-group, they slip so easily from a straightforward antagonism into thoughts that completely dehumanize those they regard as their racial opponents. Without embarrassment, and with a clear vision of what they want to achieve, they openly advocate the destruction of an ethnic group. We’ve seen this process so many times in history. It doesn’t seem to matter if the people doing it consider themselves conservative or progressive. The moral degradation it brings is the same. They have found a way to make themselves so comfortable in their hatred that it no longer feels like hatred to them. Its work is complete.

    1. I was thinking along the same lines. These people think they are progressive, but this is ancient. Will we ever learn from our past mistakes? These people are doing exactly what the Nazis did last century. The next step for them is to convince enough other people to think of whites as non-human. Then they’ll have the ability to start acting on their vision.

    1. That is correct, mikeyc:
      … … this (spew) is in no way feminism.

      No matter what its website(s) or Ms Valentine
      or (any of) its adherents may call themselves
      nor how common (which it is) it is
      for evildoers to try to normalize their smut
      by aligning it with something
      within societies’ rational margins.

      This is not feminism.


  17. A dialogue between a white couple, John and Mary.

    Mary: I have big news.

    John: Yes?

    Mary: I am pregnant.

    John: That’s wonderful! It is what we have always wanted.

    Mary: So you would think.

    John: What do you mean?

    Mary: I have been reading Nicole Valentine. She is an intersectionalist feminist, who also loves Jesus.

    John: What about her?

    Mary: She is young in years, but so wise. I have learned from her that having a white child, particularly if it’s male, contributes to white supremacy. I’m so glad we found this out before we brought another evil person into the world. We must abort the fetus immediately and make sure that we never again engage in the racist act of conception.

    John: Yes, Mary, Nicole is so right. We must do our part to end white supremacy and acknowledge our inherent racism. You must get that abortion immediately and then we’ll both sleep better at night. Let’s find the nearest abortion clinic. Also, from now on, we’ll practice birth control.

    Mary: John, you know that birth control doesn’t always work. We must be 100% sure never to conceive again. The only way to do this is that we both get sterilized. I’m sure Nicole would approve.

    John: You’re absolutely right, Mary. I’ll make an appointment with the doctor this afternoon. We’ll also begin an immediate search to find a woman of color that we can assist. SMASH RACISM!

    1. The next logical step is that all white people should just commit suicide, or that there should be a white genocide.

      Kind of like that famous feminist, Sally Miller Gearhart, who said we should kill off all but 10% of the male population in the world (and only keep the 10% for the purposes of breeding) and continually maintain the male population to ensure it never grows beyond that 10%(presumably by killing off 90% of male children when they’re born). Here’s a link to her Wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sally_Miller_Gearhart Oh, would you look at that: she’s the first person to establish a gender studies program! Who would have thought.

      To honor Gearhart and her wonderful ideas, the University of Oregon has been holding an annual “Sally Miller Gearhart Lecture in Lesbian Studies” since 2009. People who want to commit genocide against an entire group based on sex are excellent speakers to invite to college. People who have any sort of view that does not comport with regressives must be no-platformed.

      In 2014, a “femitheist” criminology student also proposed this idea. You can read an interview with her here: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/5gkkj5/is-reducing-the-male-population-by-90-percent-the-solution-to-all-our-problems

      1. Students at Harvard saw white suicide as ethical, as “all white life itself is based off of Black subjugation.”


        Granted, these are students holding a debate, but the sentiment is echoed in Son of Baldwin and La Sha’s work.

        I still see Medusa as a satirical site, but too many of the articles echo themes and sentiments we’ve seen and discussed from other far-left sites.

        In other news, the far-right has launched attacks on a number of liberal professors. Syracuse University recently issued this statement concerning one of their faculty members who was targeted by conservatives for her opposition to an anti-sharia protest:

        “These attacks are evidence of a disturbing rise in the confidence of right-wing extremists around the country,” reads the petition in support of Cloud. “We demand that Syracuse University and the broader academic community defend and protect her and all faculty in the exercise of their academic freedom, their right to extramural speech and the exercise of their conscience in civic life.”

        We can only hope that her supporters are sincere when they refer to the need for academic freedom for all professors.


  18. I wonder how she feels about biracial children. Should a white woman abort her fetus if the father is African American? Should a woman of color have an abortion if the father is white? What percentage of non-white blood do you need to identify as a Person of Color?

    Do we need to repeal the laws allowing inter racial couples to marry?

    1. Well, we have seen multiple articles over the years decrying interracial dating/marriage when a famous black woman pairs up with a white man. The last one I remember is when Serena Williams got engaged to the guy who co-founded Reddit. I saw two articles, one of which was titled “We Lost Another One,” as in we lost another strong black woman to the evil white supremacists.

      Regressives have advocated in the last few years for all black dorms and areas on college campuses, for all black graduation ceremonies, etc. These people want to go back to segregation. Their views are literally regressive.

  19. When someone identifies themselves as a Worship Leader, a Progressive, and advocate for the rights of women of color, a Feminist, and proclaims that they are dedicated to Jesus, I am disinclined from the very beginning to take anything they have to say very seriously.

  20. That’s the second over-the-top article I saw from this website within days (never saw them before). I suspect they are clickbait fake news, but I have no evidence and their views are a logical continuation of Woke Culture. But not knowing exactly is by definition Poe’s Law.

  21. Here’s another crazy article from that “magazine” published today (I took a look at the site): https://medusamagazine.com/youre-a-bigot-if-you-wouldnt-have-sex-with-a-gay-friend

    Apparently, if you’re straight but don’t have sex with your gay friend when he’s horny, you’re a bigot. I’ve also seen this argument many times regarding trans people: if you’re a straight man but don’t want to have sex with a trans woman (even if she still has a penis), you’re transphobic.

    Can you imagine the outrage if someone wrote an article about how women who don’t have sex with their male friends when they’re horny are misandrists, because it’s women’s duty to alleviate the suffering of male horniness?

  22. … like a version of Everyday Feminism for women a bit older …

    I should think that les femmes d’un certain age would know better.

  23. This is, by itself, something that might be mistaken for an earnest article.

    But frankly, it’s downright embarrassing that Jerry couldn’t look at the rest of the site and determine that it’s satire. Seriously. It’s pretty easy to see through, as far as these sorts of things go.

    1. I did look at other posts, including the Weinstein one (did you read my post?) and while they’re extreme, they could be serious, which is the hallmark of extreme regressive leftism. If it’s a satire, it’s not clearly satirical, which is the hallmark of satire.

      Meanwhile, you’re banned for your first sentence. Too bad you didn’t read the posting rules before making your very first post.


  24. See the update. Like all good empiricists, I’m willing to admit the possibility that I erred, and will give an autographed book to the first reader who proves to my satisfaction that the site is a hoax. See the update at the top of the post.

    1. As I mention in my comment on comment #1 by Diki, I think this could be an alt-right site trying to polarize whites against the left. I agree with Ben that its just not funny enough to be satire and its just within the realm of possibility to be real.

    2. Well I think my anlysis of the Father’s Day is convincing, but I did some more checking. This is ambiguous, but take a look.


      Note the 1 April date.

      But I admit this is still inconclusive. As far as I can tell from other searches there (probably) was a real Medusa student magazine at Syracuse University, but the trail stops in 2012. It seems to have ended then. This new Medusa starts after that, as you can see.

      1. Let me explain my theory more carefully. There was a Medusa. It was a radical feminist magazine, of the type many would wish to satirize. It had a FB page. In 2012 the wind went out of its sails. In 2013, on April 1, someone with the FB password put up a post linking to the this new site, which is a satire site, in an act of magazinal identity theft.

        Note the sly comment about rebranding, and the lack of any further link to Syracuse. I think the satirical nature of the site is evident, having read a bunch of its articles.

        1. Again, even if insincere, whatever the form of insincerity is, it ain’t satire.

          And there’re plenty of examples others have posted in this thread alone of indistinguishable reprehensible antisocial speech.

          Consider if I “appropriated” some defunct College Republican group’s Web site and posted Valentine’s piece with a simple search-and-replace swapping “black” and “white.” Would you call that “satire”? Or would you simply call it out for what it is: vile, disgusting, race-supremecist bigotry that’s beyond the pale and simply unacceptable in civil society?




          1. More? Okay I’ll bite. Since it wouldn’t represent an extrapolation of their views I wouldn’t consider effective satire. Suppose Swift had proposed eating English children … See why that doesn’t work?
            Want to satirize Republicans on abortion? Have them insist Ripley carry that alien to term.

            Of course it’s hateful! That’s the whole point of the satire, it’s a kind of reductio.

              1. Thanks, guys! It’ll still be intermittent, but I’ll stop in when I can for as long as I can, such as the initial condition of the Big Bang plus the laws of physics dictate….




  25. That article’s gotta be a joke.

    Women (of all kinds) should get abortions if they want to, for whatever reason. If not, not.

    And for the sake of the environment and future generations people should just stop having so many bloody children, but that’s a whole separate issue.


    1. If it makes you feel better…the latest UN projections are for the population to top out at a bit over 11 billion by the end of the century, and slowly trail off from there.

      I tend to doubt the long-term stability and sustainability of the global environment with that many people. A lot will depend on just how quickly we can transition to solar power…if all those almost-dozen billion people are supposed to be fed with today’s petrochemical-dependent agricultural system, we’re beyond totally fucked. There simply isn’t enough oil left in the ground for that, including all the tar sands and shale oil and fracking and what-not — never mind what it does to atmospheric CO2 levels.

      But if anybody has any serious proposals for how to run industrial-scale agriculture without petrochemicals, I’ve yet to see them. The closest is using solar photovoltaics as an energy source and atmospheric CO2 as a feed stock to synthesize everything necessary, and that’s certainly possible…but crazy expensive by today’s standards. Plus it means bankrupting (by fiat) the fossil fuels industry…never mind the power politics that implies; it’ll be a bubble bursting that makes the recent subprime mortgage fiasco look like Uncle Bob’s bad night at penny poker. And how’re you supposed to pay for investment in new solar infrastructure in that sort of financial environment?




  26. June 23, an article blaming Bret Weinstein for the problems at Evergreen, and calling for him to be fired.

    I don’t think this is a joke. For one thing, nothing here is funny.

    1. I too think it’s a hoax at this point, but I will note that “free bleeding” was a thing for awhile a couple years ago. See previous comments about the marathon runner who “free bled” (I guess that would be the past tense? It sounds like a Lynyrd Skynyrd song) in the name of women’s rights to…um…menstruate. Or something.

  27. About half the ads that come up when I look at the Medusa Magazine website feature scantily clad women. I think it’s unlikely that a radical feminist site would want to make money off these kinds of ads.

    Someone on another site was able to find out that the Medusamagazine.com domain name was registered on June 8th. The magazine has published an awful lot since then.

    It seems odd that Ms. Valentine hasn’t responded to any of the comments on her article.

  28. Hi, Jerry.

    It’s easy to prove that this website is fake. For example, take this article:

    The author is “Hailey Altmigi”, who supposedly has a journalism degree, but whose name appears nowhere else on the Internet. Also, “migi” is the Japanese word for “right”. So her family name translates to “Alt-right”.

    Definitely a fake website, although Poe’s law makes it very difficult to tell.

  29. The article with the title “It’s okay to abort male fetuses” on the Medusa website is said to be written by a woman named Christie. There’s a photo of Christie at the very bottom of the article, with the text that she’s “passionate about feminist values and the feminist movement.” It shows a 30-ish woman with long reddish-blonde hair.

    I had Google do an image search on the photo. Google does not disappoint. It matched the photo to that of a 33 year old woman named Svetlana on a Russian marriage agency site:

    Next, someone will have to match the photo of Nicolle Valentine.

  30. Here’s a bit more –
    The ‘article’ on the Medusa website that’s called “Becoming a male stripper is liberating, and here’s why that will help women everywhere!” is written by a woman by the name of Amanda, with a photo of a young woman in a black shirt with long dark hair. It says she grew up in a small town outside of Portland, Oregon.

    The photo is from the flickr album of a woman named Mikal Marquez. Her bio says that she lives in Oregon, but that her home town is San Diego:

  31. Whois data for medusamagazine.com:

    Registrant Contact
    Name: Registration Private
    Organization: Domains By Proxy, LLC
    Mailing Address: DomainsByProxy.com, Scottsdale Arizona 85260 US
    Phone: +1.4806242599
    Fax: +1.4806242598

    So a definite attempt to hide their identity, but not in a way that’s conclusive as to their motive.

  32. This “author” is promoting genocide. Which in my opinion eithrt makez her extremely hateful or as deranged as the Nazis. Another thing, she is the “worship leader” at her church? ? ?
    Does anyone else find this completely baffling?

  33. “Thanks; this is the most convincing evidence yet. Can you point me to how you find out to whom the site is registered”.

    Alas, at the time I found it (I didn’t post here, but on Reddit) I didn’t archive it, and in meantime it was changed. However, I did find it on other site, here’s an archive of it:



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