It’s Grania’s birthday!

June 23, 2017 • 11:15 am

I erroneously wished Grania a happy birthday about a month ago here when I saw a Facebook notification. Sadly, it was for her sister Gisela, and I erred.

But today IS Grania’s birthday, and I hope readers join me in extending congratulations to her for orbiting the Sun once again. Happy birthday, Grania, and thanks for your many posts, comments, and tips for posts!

Grania begged me not to post this, but the laws of physics dictated otherwise. Since she has the keys to this site, I hope she doesn’t go into the dashboard and delete this!

51 thoughts on “It’s Grania’s birthday!

  1. Happy Borthday Grania. I would further embarass you on Twitter by wishing you happy birthday there too, but I’m off social media for the moment (amybe see you at the next scetpics thingy? Remind me to sing HB to you then)

  2. O ! … … YOUR Birthing Day, Ms Spingies !
    for R E A L Z !

    Birthing days are, for a bulldozing mama myself, MY very favorite holiday for ANYone !

    Please spend it However The Hell YOU most like !

    AND, as Dr Coyne iterates, .thank you.thank you.thank you. for your posts & your workings here on W E I T !

    For IT from m’favored and Darlin’ Mr Waylon Jennings thus of his WILD ONES:

    ” … … WE had the town up a tree !”

    Happy Day to you, Ms Grania, w/ many, many more !


  3. Happy Birthday and thanks for all your contributions to the site over the years. Ceiling Cat can rest easy when you are at the helm.

  4. I wrote it before and I’ll write it again.
    Happy Birthday, Grania!
    I wish I had a Summer birthday. 🙂

  5. “The sun is the same in a relative way but you’re older”

    Even though the sun may beat us all, remember that we all still share the same sun and possibly breathe some of the same air. Take a few moments today to be happy to be apart of it all.

    1. You really don’t wanna post the next line 😉

      Felicitations to Grania.


      (*I can quote Pink Floyd lyrics from memory. And play the instrumentals in my head. How old is that?)

  6. I will add my felicitations to those gone before, Grania. I hope you’ve had and continue to have a great day.

  7. Happy birthday, Grania.

    And thank you for all your wonderful contributions to this invaluable site, which is such a vital oasis in what so often seems like an increasingly dismal world.

  8. Happy birthday, Grania! May many a kitty bring you snuggles on your special day (and all other days, because who doesn’t want kitty snuggles?).

  9. May your next 940 million km journey around the sun be splendid.

    Happy Birthday and thank you for your contributions to this website.

  10. I have no fear Grania will go into the dashboard and delete this. She wouldn’t dare delete such a cute kitten! 😎

  11. “They say it’s your birthday, happy birthday to you..”
    An Irishman might score a try in the big rugby clash tonight, Irish and British Lions vs the all blacks just for you, if not I don’t suppose you would care either way or anyhow anyway, but if it does come about….
    I’m gonna go wow! Grania’s try.
    The Prof (E) is making sure you can’t squirm out of all this deserved attention, good on him.

  12. Happy Birthday Grania! I hope you had a lovely day. I really enjoy your posts on WEIT, and appreciate how you keep us going when Jerry can’t. <3

  13. Happy birthday, Grania, and thanks for all your posts. The laws of physics did not dictate this, I did it of my own free willy. (If anybody thinks otherwise, please spell out the specific law that governs birthday wishes and who discovered it. Thank you.)

  14. Happy Birthday!

    [ switches to deeply philosophical mode ]

    … but are we meant to be happy? And who says this?

  15. I’m adding my belated birthday wishes to the list. I hope you had a wonderful birthday. Thank you very much for your wonderful contributions to WEIT.

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