Google Doodle celebrates visual/musical art

June 22, 2017 • 10:01 am

Reader Dom called my attention to a new animated and interactive Google Doodle celebrating the life of the German visual artist Oskar Fischinger, who was born on this day in 1900 (click on screenshot below to activate the Doodle). By clicking in various places on the screen that appears when you press the arrow, you can make your own music.  Engadget explains the Doodle further and gives an example of Fischinger’s work:

Since much of Fischinger’s work involved putting music to geometric animations, Google builds a basic synth / sequencer for you to play with. Simply select one of the instruments and begin clicking to create a pattern that’ll produce a sound that’s unique to you. As each note plays, geometric animations will jump out, although it’s worth watching one of Fischinger’s originals just to see the scope of his achievement. An Optical Poem, for instance, was produced in 1938 by hand, which makes you really appreciate the scope of human ingenuity.

As YouTube explains, this animation was “made entirely with paper in stop motion fashion”.

Now go make your own; it’s fun!

5 thoughts on “Google Doodle celebrates visual/musical art

  1. Yeah I tried it !! Amazing !! I love the music I created by clicking the mouse randomly on the screen 😂 Google doodles are always very creative and fun 😀

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