Israeli Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman poses a dilemma for regressives: feminism vs. Israeli “genocide”?

June 13, 2017 • 11:30 am

The enormous financial success of the “Wonder Woman” movie has created another dilemma for regressive leftists. On the one hand, it’s a highly rated action movie that stars a woman and was directed by a woman. Chalk one up for feminism, and I’m glad for that. But on the other hand, it was soon ferreted out that Gadot is not only Israeli, but served (as all non-Orthodox Israelis save Arabs must) in the Israeli Defense Forces, (IDF). Not only that, but Gadot has the temerity to be proud to be an Israeli, and she has criticized the terrorist organization Hamas.

Well, that just won’t do to that part of the Left (most of it, I suppose) that is pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel. What is a Lefty to do when there’s a conflict of this sort? As with the dilemma of supporting Muslims who oppress women, gays, and apostates, many side with religion and ignore its antifeminist bits. Slate explains the problem:

Gadot herself has proudly discussed her experience in the IDF, touting her combat training in interviews as helpful in preparing for the role. (A decade ago, she participated in a Maxim feature on women of the IDF, “the world’s sexiest soldiers.”) She has also been outspoken in her political support for her country. In 2014, as the Gaza conflict escalated, she posted a message of support to her official Facebook page. “I am sending my love and prayers to my fellow Israeli citizens,” she wrote, next to a photo of herself praying with her young daughter. “Especially to all the boys and girls who are risking their lives protecting my country against the horrific acts conducted by Hamas, who are hiding like cowards behind women and children…We shall overcome!!! Shabbat Shalom! #weareright #freegazafromhamas #stopterror #coexistance #loveidf.”

The movie was banned in Tunisia and Lebanon because Gadot is Israeli (Lebanon is still formally at war with Israel); and various social media outlets, like Al-Jazeera, sees the movie as a metaphor for Israeli colonialism. Click on the screenshot:

A quote from that piece (my emphasis):

But Gaza is not just the largest open air prison in which Israelis have incarcerated some 1.8 million human beings. Gaza is also the moral measure of our humanity at large. If you are utterly enjoying this particular Wonder Woman as a role model for your daughters in a theatre near you and could not care less about a young Palestinian girl mourning her family in Gaza whom the woman portraying your superhero helped kill, then all the power to you. You need not bother to know that in this film Gal Gadot does not just personify Wonder Woman, but alas Wonder Woman disappears into Gal Gadot.

The time that Hollywood could shove its superheroes down the world’s throat and perpetuate delusion of truth in purposeful lies is over. Today, the world talks, walks, defies, imagines, and stages back against Hollywood and its dysfunctional mythologies that try to normalise the colonial thieveries of reason and decency. It was a strategic blunder to cast a settler colonial officer as a superhero woman who cares about humanity

These days, it seems, every actor is vetted for Political Purity when they play a role.

Here’s a tw**t calling for a boycott:

And from Middle East Eye, the home of C. J. W*rl*m*n (my emphasis):

However, in most cases, the actor must be separated from the character they are playing. Nevertheless, even as we distinguish between actor and character, one can criticise the actor for their personal politics. And it is time to let actors know we will hold them accountable for normalising anti-Palestinian violence, regardless of their nationality.

Beyond the criteria for BDS, one is free to boycott products or individuals one disapproves of. Consumers do that every day, by choosing not to shop at certain stores, because of their labour practices, by choosing to be vegetarian because of the inhumane treatment of animals, or by choosing not to drive certain cars that are gas guzzlers, out of concern for the environment.

Explaining the reasons for such choices is critically important. As such, one can explain that one does not wish to view Wonder Woman because the central character, a hero out to save the world, is played by a woman who cheers on genocide.

There are other tw**ts and the like, but I’ll let you find them, and they will eventually cause huge cognitive dissonance: a feminist icon who served in the Israeli army? What’s a Leftist to do? Grania sent me her thoughts:

Yeah, I’ve noticed this story brewing. Part of me has a quiet dark chuckle at the existential angst from those who have been championing this superhero flick as the new feminist icon of the year only to find that *gasp* she is badly tainted in the eyes of the school of Intersectional Purity. What’s a woke fem to do?

The joyous adulation from the usual suspects about the film makes one think that these young ‘uns were literally born last year and genuinely can’t remember EVER having seen a woman in a movie before y’all.

Gadot has in the past uttered anti-Hamas sentiments (seriously, when did Hamas become the victim?). See here  or here.

Sometimes a movie is just a movie. If this one inspires girls, more power to it. But since there’s an Israel connection, it simply has to be more than a movie. It must be an endorsement of “genocide.” God forbid that Lebanese children might see it; what would they think?

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  1. One correction. Many Orthodox Jews absolutely serve in the IDF, especially Modern Orthodox Jews. It is the Ultra-Orthodox Haredi that have largely refused to serve. That is slowly changing with the demographics as now close to 25% of Haredi do serve in the IDF and that number is growing

  2. The time that Hollywood could shove its superheroes down the world’s throat and perpetuate delusion of truth in purposeful lies is over. Today, the world talks, walks, defies, imagines, and stages back against Hollywood and its dysfunctional mythologies that try to normalise the colonial thieveries of reason and decency.

    I’m pretty sure that time hasn’t quite passed yet. This movie will soon surpass half a billion dollars worldwide and made back its production budget in the first 10 days of June. It’s profitable, so it isn’t going to change anytime soon. These saber-rattling calls to showing big-bad Hollywood where they can stick their movies is cute but ultimately futile.

    But hey, such is the bigotry of the Regressive Left when they can demonize an entire group of people and justify it by calling them “oppressors”. Black-and-white is so much easier when you’ve let ideology take over your brain.

  3. Interesting how none of this came up during the Fast and Furious movies or Superman vs Batman where she was also prominently featured. I haven’t seen the movie yet but this makes me want to even more (I plan on going soon anyway; I’m tired of avoiding articles discussing the movie out of fear that I’ll read a spoiler).

        1. This meme is pretty old. It could be said back in the days when he was doing things like Gigli, but he’s been good to great in many movies over the past ten years.

          1. No, I honestly don’t like him, past or present. IMO, (and just that) he is a wooden actor with no ability to evoke any emotion.

            1. Eh, I don’t think he’s a great actor, but I think he’s given some very good performances in movies where he plays more down-to-earth, realistic characters, like The Town. I was also surprised by his performance in The Accountant, which I just assumed would be a very typical action movie (in some ways, it still was). I’ve known people with Asperger’s, and I thought he did a pretty excellent job of coming across as a functional adult with it.

              1. I really liked The Accountant and I wanted to hate it because I’m still sore about the way Affleck went all regressive on Sam Harris on Real Time.

            2. Ben Affleck tends to be wooden in leading-man roles, but he’s been damn good in smaller character roles (which isn’t all that rare; Brad Pitt tends to be much better in character roles, too. And sometimes BA can make the woodenness work for him, when he’s playing a wooden lead character, as in Hollywoodland and Gone Girl.)

              B. Affleck has also had some fine outings as a director — Argo and The Town, among them.

    1. A “spoiler”? You really think a big-budget studio franchise movie is gonna be anything but formulaic? Haven’t seen it, but I can give you a spoiler alert: lotsa explosions and F/X,bit of T&A, and a great big happy ending where the bad guy takes it in the neck — all carefully calculated and market-tested to yield the maximum return-on-investment for opening weekend.

      1. I saw it in 3D at the local cineplex. You’ve pretty much predicted it, and it worked wonderfully. The only thing missing was a bit of T&A, but it still held my attention and I left the theater feeling adequately entertained.

        I felt that the action was a lot less hectic and frenzied than many superhero action movies, which I attribute to female director.

  4. I’m new to the blog and enjoying it. What’s up with the word “tweet” and the name of one author being censored out?

    1. The amusing pecadillos: I don’t use the word “blog” as it grates on my ears; I like “website”. I don’t like the word “tweet” either, as it sound juvenile, so I fix it. And I vowed never to use the full name of that man again, and if I did and were caught, I’d send the person who caught me a free autographed book. So I use asterisks.

      These are just endearing quirks of your host.

      1. There needs to be an action hero called the Armadillo Peccadillo because armadillos do seem offended a lot, especially how they curl up.

          1. Or a Le Carre novel about a titular task force formed to find a traitorous spy within their organization.

          2. Every time I read it, I crack myself up. I think I laughed to myself at work for a couple hours on and off as I remembered it again.

  5. I really don’t understand this portrayal of Hamas as victims. Whatever your opinion on the Israeli/Palestinian issue, people should be able to see that Hamas are bad people who are making a bad situation worse. Sticking up for them is like sticking up for the IRA.

    Hamas uses human shields. They place their rocket launchers in schools and hospitals. They divert aid meant to build schools and hospitals to building tunnels, which are used to launch attacks on civilians. Hamas does not consider any Israeli a civilian, even children. All are valid targets. They train their own children in kindergarten not only to fight Israelis, but to hate them. Whatever the wrongs on the Israeli side, these things cannot and should not be excused.

        1. Oh for an “Edit” button 🙂

          Over at J&M you get a full five minutes to poorfread after posting.

      1. The curious thing about this “racism” is that many Jews have physical features similar to those of Palestinian Arabs. As a child, watching TV news about the Mideast conflict, I depended solely on the captions to identify the interviewed person as Israeli or Palestinian. (Today, I’d take cues also from the clothing and body language.) There are studies finding kinship between the two groups:

        “In a 2009 study by Kopelman et al., four Jewish groups, Ashkenazi, Turkish, Moroccan and Tunisian, were found to share a common origin from the Middle East, with more recent admixture… The authors found that the “most similar to the Jewish populations is the Palestinian population”.”

    1. There is no comparison between Hamas and the IRA.

      Without the IRA there would still be British rule in Ireland.
      Not just British rule, British oppression, exploitation and deliberate destruction of Irish heritage.
      Not to mention actual violence against the Irish population.

      I stick up for the IRA, while condemning some of their more outrageous attacks.

      Sticking up for them is ‘nothing’ like sticking up for Hamas.

    2. There is no comparison between Hamas and the IRA.
      Without the IRA there would still be British rule in Ireland.
      Not just British rule, British oppression, exploitation and deliberate destruction of Irish heritage.
      Not to mention actual violence against the Irish population.
      I stick up for the IRA, while condemning some of their more outrageous attacks.
      Sticking up for them is ‘nothing’ like sticking up for Hamas.

      1. There was plenty of political opposition, and I don’t believe that the IRA murdering innocents was the only reason things changed. I think that would have happened anyway. In fact, I think it would have happened more quickly. The British couldn’t be seen to be giving in to terrorists so that delayed negotiations.

      2. You can say the end result was a better overall luckily, but that won’t justify horrific means, and, at least according to plenty of statistical data popularized by Steven Pinker, most violent protesting is horribly ineffective, and non-violent protests and actions have been more effective to bring about change, so there’s no excuse to resort to violence to achieve your goals, when it’s more effective to do things the morally right way, might feel hard for our angry primate brains, but it is better.

  6. Not that surprising, really. The regressive left is infamous for throwing feminism under the bus where it conflicts with their lies about the nature of the religion of Islam.

    1. The usual pattern here is to refer to the Hierarchy of Oppression to determine what side of a given issue you fall on. Oppression of (cisgender) women always falls beneath Racial Oppression on that hierarchy. Criticism of Islam also happens to be filed under Racial Oppression, for ideological simplicity’s sake.

      1. Also Islam scores big points for being antagonistic towards the west and talking a lot about “justice” by which they mean religious control and law much more than economic justice.

    2. What I do not understand is that they are completely blind to the fact that Islam is the most supremacist, expansionist, ‘patriarchal’, undemocratic, misogynistic, homophobic extant ideology we have. And far from free of racism too: abeed (abd) means black and slave at the same time in Arabic, *the perfect language…
      Nobody as blind as does not want to see.

    3. And they are wilfully silent about the nature of Islam’s attitude to Jews

      Imam in Denmark calls for killing of Jews (admittedly crap credits but the actual video is chilling)

      Imam calling for jews to be killed in sermon at Montreal Mosque (not the Toronto one this is another one)

      The ludicrously naive attitude of the regressive left towards Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood continues on after the Arab Spring

      And the ABC (the Australian Public broadcaster) wonderful though it is, where it has comments, attracts on the topic of Israel mostly thoughtful comments like::
      “And yet this water is stolen from the Mountain Aquifer which is largely Palestinian water – precious water stolen by a violent, nuclear terrorist, race-based Apartheid colonizer state, kleptocracy and genocide-based Apartheid-style “democracy-by-genocide”

      The Lalo dagach twitter site had a Palestinian cartoon of Wonderwoman with a US shield confronting an old veiled Palestinian woman both in the sky : the latter deflects a bullet from the Arab men below to aim straight at Wonderwoman, hitting her in the leg. Meanwhile intersectional
      “feminism” goes on about the need to bring out “new narratives” of non western culture that oppress women
      “Hijarbie: How Barbie got a Muslim Makeover”

  7. You can’t win with superheroes. If Wonder Woman was portrayed by a white, American, I’m sure the Left would be saying that she would be seen as a symbol of Western colonialism.

    1. There doesn’t seem to be any defining boundary between what is vs isn’t “colonialism.” Somewhere under all this crap there is probably an important concept, but they insist on pounding it into meaninglessness.

    2. Actually, the fact that she’s white has already led to some websites trying to find ways to brand the film racist. I can think of at least two thinkpieces I’ve seen about how the movie is somehow racist.

        1. All I read was the first half of the first paragraph, and it was immediately one of the most pathetic things I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading.

          I love Yes. I love them because their music rocks and has a complexity that very few rock bands can equal.

          But no. It must be my “white anxiety,” which leads me to love them because they’re an “ethnic surrogate” for me.

          PoMo: Not Even Once.

      1. Reading the Harry Potter series decades beyond the recommended age, I felt somewhat uneasy that the only East Asian character was selfish and stupid.

        Then I briefly searched the Web for other people’s opinions, and found such a horde of angry Asian snowflakes that I thought, “If they take the issue so deep to heart and apparently can write, they’d better create their own novels with Asian characters only, or with a single Asian superhero saving clueless whites, their choice!”

        1. Right? And also, if you want movies or books like that, maybe don’t look to a country that has an extremely small minority of Asians. Maybe look to Japan, South Korea, China, etc….you know, places where Asians are the vast majority tend to make things where Asians are the heroes.

          But no, it’s America and Europe’s responsibility to make everything for everyone…so then the far left can complain about those countries’ “cultural hegemony.” Because, no matter what anyone does, they will always complain about something. It’s their only reason for existing.

          1. Right? And also, if you want movies or books like that, maybe don’t look to a country that has an extremely small minority of Asians. Maybe look to Japan, South Korea, China, etc….you know, places where Asians are the vast majority tend to make things where Asians are the heroes.


            Does anybody think that Bollywood priloducers agonise over the lack of caucasians in their movies?

            Does anyone watch a Japanese movie thinking ‘I can’t get into this – where are all the white people at?’

    3. Dumbest complaint I’ve seen was ‘Why isn’t she played by a South American?’

      Because Amazons aren’t from the fucking Amazon for dog’s sake. She doesn’t work in an online book store either.

      1. I remember some kerfuffle where people were angry about Cleopatra not being portrayed by a black woman. Hey, stupid! Cleopatra was Macedonian!

    4. You can’t win with intersectionalism in any way. That’s the entire point. It’s a crooked game designed so that professional victims can always be enraged about something no matter how peachy things might be.

  8. These people are so transparent. In service to feeding their indignation addiction rationality is apparently not just optional but actually to be avoided.

  9. I don’t go to many movies and would not go to see this one but that is just me. This is so far left it is off the map and far beyond anything I would want to know. The woman should be applauded for her service to her country, end of story. The same kind of sick thinking should apply for these lefties in their attitude toward me if they discovered that I happen to be in the service during the Vietnam conflict. She is no more responsible for the conditions in her part of the world than I am sitting here. How these people get down to this level is so shallow and screwed up??

  10. This is not related to the Wonder Woman. Here it is: The antonym of islamophobe is not islamophile, but kafirophobe. Kafirophobia is an article of faith for Muslims. Muslims will never forget that. We kafirs should not forget it either.

  11. There was a similarly annoying article in the African-American magazine “Essence” which demonized all white women across the board.


    WoWo came out a week after another movie with a strong female heroines “Alien: Covenant” and we’ve recently had strong female heroines in “The Hunger Games”, “Arrival”, so the one thing novel about this is it’s a superhero(ine) like Superman, Batman, etc.

    But why is Wonder Woman called a superhero, not a superheroine??


    A strength of WoWo as a movie is that the action sequences really advance both the plot and character arc rather than the movie having a flimsy plot which then pauses for an interval of semi-mindless action sequences in the way that bad action movies do.

    In addition, I didn’t see the main surprise twist at all, in contrast to “Alien: Covenant” in which I saw the surprise twist coming from seven million miles away.

        1. Oh, I was just naming one. My shelves full of movies alone contain at least a couple dozen, and I could name a couple dozen more off the top of my head from movies I don’t own.

          (I’m kind of a film nut)

          1. I lost track of Ultraviolets, Resident Evils, etc. there are. There are plenty of women heading action franchises. It’s only recently that Hollywood started calling a press conference and demanding a pat on the back for it.

            Horror too. How many horror movies since the Seventies don’t feature a female lead? The Thing, Se7en, not much else.

        2. Don’t forget Bionic woman and the oft over-looked Pepper from Police Woman. As a kid I loved watching Police Woman. I bought the series recently and it holds up despite it being over 40 years old. Wonder Woman, The Bionic Woman & Police Woman were all heroes from the 70s that I really admired as a young girl. I liked how people underestimated them & then they kicked ass. Pepper had decent co-workers though – they never treated her as less.

      1. Could not agree more. The first 2 films were excellent.

        The 3rd was so uniformly depressing that, in the words of Simon Cowell, I began to wonder if life was worth living anymore. Granting that was the film-maker’s intent I give them credit for succeeding admirably, but I didn’t like the movie.

        Resurrection had good points and not so good points and overall was OK for me.

        Prometheus was a big disappointment. It was hard to suspend my disbelief and accept that it was even remotely plausible that given the number of people on the expedition that every single one of them would be such complete morons.

        I haven’t seen the new one yet. But, someone I know who loves science fiction movies, and the Alien franchise specifically, warned me that the characters in the new one are nearly as moronic as the ones in Prometheus. Not promising.

        1. I couldn’t stand Alien Resurrection. I’ve heard the latest is derivative and seems just to have every incarnation as an alien possible given that people didn’t like that you didn’t see enough aliens in Prometheus.

          I just wanted the whole crew of the Prometheus to die because they were such incompetent morons.

    1. Hero does not need to have masculine or feminine connotation and does not need to. Personally I don’t like the old style coding of jobs roles or character attributes as inherently male or female by leaving the normal without an ending and then tacking “ine” on the end to signify female exception. “Post man” i have no problem with because the word “Post” isn’t given and ending it just signifies the gender of the person doing the job by adding “man”

      1. I think feminine word endings are gradually fading from the English language. For example some women refer to themselves as actors not actresses. Terms like authoress, postmistress and Jewess sound archaic.

  12. What makes something a luxury isn’t just its inherent high quality but the fact that somebody else isn’t getting to enjoy it.

    I don’t go to the cinema as much as I should but Wonder Woman is on my list. Knowing there are people who can’t enjoy it because of their own politics, not the film’s, will make that a special treat.

  13. I can understand (though not agree with) the Ctrl-Left’s criticism of Ms. Gadot’s political opinions – her support of IDF’s operations and her hate to the Hamas terrorist gang.

    What I do not understand is she is blamed for serving in the IDF, which is mandated by law. The Ctrl-Left are not only sociopathic, they have lost all ability to think straight!

  14. As of two days the box office receipts worldwide for Wonder Woman was $435 million, making it a huge hit. Poor C. J. W*rl*m*n, once again nobody is listening to him.

    1. Take that people who decided to exclude Rey from the Battle Action Millennium Falcon set!

  15. I’m guessing the Al-Jazeera headline “Watching ‘Wonder Woman’ in Gaza” might be an allusion to the Azar Nafisi’s memoir Reading Lolita in Tehran?

  16. If this actor helped kill innocent daughters then she was ably assisted by Hamas.
    When you are so far left blinded that there is no middle, it disappears over the horizon and therefore no end is visible (or conceivable if you like)
    I don’t like being told that because of an actor i am less empathetic to young females dying for bad reasons, that is, Hamas religious and political ideology.
    Israel is by no means off the hook, in fact, they are skewered to it and we can expect more of the same until reason prevails, perhaps the real wonder women could step up and stop this misery and i thought that would be the point of the movie, entertainment and inspiration.
    It would be ironic if it was Palestinian daughter but fat chance of that with the ban.

  17. For a few years, The Woke Crowd convinced themselves that western culture was a patriarchy or even “Rape Culture”. Whenever they find an example that suggest otherwise, they indulge in the fiction that they made strides towards the equality of women, of course, thought to have been brought out by them. They pat each other on the back, and become depressed again when confronted with some other perceived shortcoming. This bipolar movement is best described by the DSM. Everyone else just scratches their heads: weren’t there flicks with strong, even superheroic, female leads before? (e.g. in Aliens, or Resident Evil, to name two long-running franchises).

    The Woke Culture‘s consumerism and corporatism is one interesting aspect of it. The Internet Age and the Global Village brought about a sense of replaceability of everyone and everything. It has led to a hype of the “authentic“, on one side, and of “relevancy” on the other. Brands create the illusion of added benefit that they stand for something, like a person, who cares about one cause or another, rather than just being replaceable trash. Certainly, companies use Woke Culture as their useful idiots by targeting them with native advertisement (notice how often Starbucks shows up in context of Wokeness).

    That makes Woke Culture the “social justice warrior” fad as it is often described: millenial consumers, and wannabe left poseurs who look for talking points to make themselves seem relevant on social media, by adopting viewpoints they deem future-proof – following a progressive narrative that whatever seems the latest fashion makes them look best when looking back from the future. Companies aid them by providing brands, as always, that help them communicate how they want to be seen. This is – in principle – not different from wearing Nike to appear athletic. Share Upworthy to show how woke you are!

    But having ready items, stories and associations that endow with proper Wokeness, the culture also created a powerful feedback loop, which in my understanding creates the typical antics of the so-called “social justice warriors”. If you can just share a story, or buy a product that makes you seem woke, then everyone can do it. There’s nothing special about you anymore. Someone is again replaceable – hence, the culture has a propensity that followers outdo each other in what’s wrongly called “virtue signalling” and engaging in “callouts”. Everyone is “virtue signalling” all the time. I prefer the idea that it is “overcoming cheap signalling” that makes this subculture such notorious. They go above and beyond the normal level of showing who you are and what you care about and it is that which makes them special as a social phenomenon (the desire to be special is best seen in the special snowflake syndrome).

    Gal Gadot provides an opportunity to not only signal that one is very much for a female led superhero film (which also taps into original Tumblr geek culture), but the person can go above that, by attacking others for allegedly supporting Israel. This one-up discourse is typical for SJWs. Equally typical the inherent poseurism in all of that, and which was already part of the original SJW definition. The US “left” too has helped politicians into office that kept vetoing a sensible solution to the Palestine-Israel conflict. These people have a corporate-consumerist approach to left politics as “hip”, and are utmost ignorant about the role they themselves play in the politics they allegedly so despise.

  18. There are lots of movies I refuse to see because I dislike the public politics of the actors or directors. I haven’t sipped a Coke since 2004 because of something said by a Coke executive in support of Bush’s invasion of Iraq. I wish Saudi Arabian gasoline was properly labeled.

    1. Gas is a highly fungible commodity. You effectively can’t boycott any producer, as they buy and sell from one another.

      People upset at the BP spill attempted boycotts which only resulted in hurting the owners of BP branded service stations, not the company itself.

  19. It put’s me off a bit that she propagandises praying.

    Praying isn’t going to help anyone.

  20. These people live in a dream world where the holocaust never was, where the ethnic cleansing of Jews from virtually every Middle Eastern country after 1948 never happened, and where Israel, a country the size of New Jersey, is a “colonialist” threat because Jews dare to live in a land that they have occupied since time immemorial, surrounded by enemies whose “legitimacy” is based on the most successful military aggression and colonialism ever recorded in human history, and who occupy territories as large as the rest of the continental US combined. Do these people seriously believe that Arabs are spread all over the Middle East because they decided to leave their peninsula as “refugees?” “Genocide?” There will be another real genocide if Israel is ever destroyed.

  21. There are real concerns about the IDF (like most armies, but with the added twists, etc.) but IMO boycotting (what are going to be no doubt popular) movies because of actors is pretty futile.

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