13 thoughts on “Here’s the copperhead snake!

  1. Thanks very much. This is a tremendous demonstration of the effectiveness of camouflage. It is enough to keep me out of the woods…

      1. Yes, decidedly so. How the heck did the photographer ever see it?

        Though I have noted that, with mottled backgrounds, ordinary stereo vision can easily separate detail which, when photographed, is remarkably hard to see. A typical example is narrow overgrown tracks in the ‘bush’ which are obvious to the naked eye but almost disappear into the background in a photo.

        The eye is remarkably good at recognising patterns and detecting movement so the snake may have been much easier to see in real life than the photo.


  2. Shame on the “spot the…” setter! It’s exactly in the middle of the picture – against da [unwritten] roolz

  3. As an Aussie Ex-pat, I don’t find this at all surprising, snakes are good at camoflage, disturbingly so.
    The trick is often walking heavily so that they can feel the vibrations of your approach and think of you as too big to be prey. Far from flawless, but helpful.

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