23 thoughts on “PB&J in space

  1. I suppose they don’t use regular bread because of the crumbs.

    Question: What would be the worst food to attempt to eat on the space station? I nominate a crumbly white British cheese, but someone can surely top this.

    1. I would think peas might be difficult. I don’t think bread would be good…too short for the shelf life. Would be hard as a rock.

    2. @Stephen

      A ‘main’ of Pinto bean & prune casserole with strong coffee as a dessert is a poor ISS menu choice!

  2. I would definitely recommend pb and j on tortillas!! Is there any better food combination than pb and j? I think not.

      1. Agreed. Another excellent combination for flour tortillas is Nutella and sliced bananas. Needs to be heated on a griddle, though, so that the Nutella gets melty.

  3. As long as they’re making PBJs with tortillas, let’s hope they wash ’em down with some real OJ, instead of that white-bread “Tang” stuff.

  4. See….this is why we’re not going to Mars! No bread and you have to tape your food down so it doesn’t go missing before it’s et. Where’s the tech!?

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