7 thoughts on “Bloom County tackles rationalism

  1. I wonder if the recent Bloom County cartoons, including this one, that feature rationalism could be interpreted as portraits of rationalists as constant spoilsports.

  2. BBC2 had a “Stargazing live” show this week from Siding springs observatory, New South Wales presented by Brian Cox, Dara O Briain, Liz Bonnin and Aussie outback astronomer Greg Quicke. One comment was, “With so many stars it would be a waste if our sun was the only one with an inhabited planet”

    See their tweets on twitter.

    1. A waste? Oh, I don’t know about that.

      If we’re the only people in the universe then the whole thing belongs to us, and if we divide it evenly then each of us owns two or three hundred galaxies.

      I wonder what a galaxy would go for on Ebay.

    2. If I were the guy they intermittently referred to as “Cosmic Gandalf” or something like that, I’d have been shuddering in my boots. Someone, somewhere in the BBC Manglement team is deeply of the opinion that they need to find a new Patrick Moore, and they’re going for it. And from that PoV, a “Cosmic Gandalf” becomes a good bet. [Shudders]
      OTOH, there was enough gob-smacked sky-staring to give the lie to the “dour rationalist” myth. If I’d been there, there would probably have been a yell-to-11 of “Mine! All mine!” at some point, but that probably explains why the Beeb don’t use me for astronomy programs.

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