Tuesday: Hili dialogue

March 28, 2017 • 6:30 am

by Grania

Today is the birthday of  Italian Renaissance painter Raphael (1483-1520) one of the three great artists of the period along with Leonardo and Michelangelo. He left an impressively large collection of work behind him, considering he died very young at the age of 37, from “excessive sex”, or at least, so said his assistant.

Maria Von Trapp (1905-1987) also claims  today as her birthday. Although everyone knows the Hollywood version of her story from The Sound Of Music, as one would expect the reality was not quite the same. Nevertheless, the family did abandon Austria as Hitler rose to the height of his power in Germany, fled to the United States and supported themselves by performing music publicly before settling in Stowe, Vermont.

Today is the anniversary of the 1979 Three Mile Island partial nuclear meltdown. A chain of malfunctions and a significant loss of coolant did not result in loss of life, but did forever change the way nuclear power was regarded resulting in anti-nuclear demonstrations and a hostility to its use as an energy source that remains to this day.

Over in Poland, the Princess is being enigmatical – as Shakespeare might say.

Hili: All of this makes one whole.
A: What does?
Hili: This and that.

In Polish:

Hili: To wszystko składa się w jedną całość.
Ja: To znaczy co?
Hili: To i tamto.

Finally, readers of this website are by now familiar with Gus, regular guest on this website. Yesterday Jerry met Gus’s mirror image.

The people I’m staying with have a white cat named “Sug” (short for Sugar), which is Gus backwards. AND. . .it is earless! (It had cancer on its ears.)


Gus’s staff comments: Since everything is backwards below the Equator, Gus would of course be named “Sug” in New Zealand!

Gus meets Sug

36 thoughts on “Tuesday: Hili dialogue

  1. We hope that Gus and his anti particle Sug never meet thus avoiding their mutual annihilation and that of or planet

  2. Hili really hit the nail on the head with her incisive comment today. Who could deny that wholeness is composed of, “This and that”. Unless you’d add, “the other thing”.

  3. We see the overreaction to three mile Island all around us today. Very much like the absence of Journalism in the Soviet Union and the United States today.

    1. There are new safer designs for Nuke plants nowadays. They would even burn their own waste products. What’s not to like? I’d think we should start building hundreds of them right now to supplement the carbon free grid of the future.

      1. The republicans are working on this new technology called coal. Should be out within the next 10 years. I heard about it on Fox news.

        1. I’ve heard of an even better one on Fox. It’s called “clean coal” and it burns in power plants producing minimal emissions. The technology is so good it’s obvious that it’s only ideology and Obama’s well known War on Coal, that stops Democrats supporting it.

          1. Yes, the only way to get minimal emissions from coal is to leave it in the ground. Same as leaving the old car in the garage…very clean.

              1. It’s just plain depressing to read the news anymore. I think that’s the Trump agenda, pummel us with bad news until we no longer care what he’s up to. Coal mining is an odious affair and it’s a job we should not protect. Nobody protected the buggy whip makers or typewriter manufacturers! We should say goodbye to coal mining also.

              2. On the PBS news hours a few minutes ago, Obama’s person on the EPA, can’t remember her name said that much of what Trump is claiming simply cannot and will not be done. The industry in energy production has already moved on and the coal business is and was dying. It’s just as AnonAtheist says, you can make buggy whips but no one is buying.

                Hell, Warren Buffet has been building windmills in Iowa like there is no tomorrow. Trump says he is putting the minors back to work but if no one is buying the goal what does he do, make the Energy companies go back to burning goal? The republican party slogan should be, let 70 year old white guys take you into the 19th century.

              3. Yep. The reason the coal industry is dying is because no one wants it. It is an international commodity and depends on the international market price. There is just no demand. The coal part of the energy industry has lost jobs, but wind, solar, etc are more than making up for those jobs. The sector actually has tens of thousands more jobs, just less in the coal part of the sector.

          1. I see the pipeline from Canada is back on thanks to Trump. Probably have to shoot a few people out in Nebraska but thousands of new jobs. After a pipeline is finished there are no jobs.

  4. … he died very young at the age of 37, from “excessive sex” …

    Does that mean he perished “in the saddle” (so to speak), like Nelson Rockefeller, Pope John XII, Sgt. Esterhaus from Hill Street Blues, and Richard Prior’s daddy?

    1. It’s not clear what he died of, but he became ill quite suddenly and his assistant claimed it was after a night of enthusiastic sex with his lover. He died two weeks later.


    2. Thanks for the mention of Pope John XII, which led me to the historian Liutprand of Cremona — someone I’ve been meaning to read for years but haven’t, and now find there’s a translation of his complete works available from Amazon at a shockingly reasonable price. Liutprand reports all the juicy and scandalous stuff going on in Byzantium and elsewhere at that time.

      1. Always happy to give a shout-out to any Pontifex Maximus who met his end in flagrante delicto, Jenny. 🙂

  5. My meeting with the real Maria von Trapp in 1974 was sufficient to convince me that Sound of Music was a work of fiction using real characters.

  6. How can you mention Raphael, Leonardo, and Michaelangelo, without mentioning the fourth Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Donatello! How very remiss of you! 🙂

    1. I know, I was tempted. It’s funny to think though that in a decade or two history will revert to the state where one can mention those names and no-one will think of green turtles.


      1. Raphael is the crazy TMNT, the one most likely to do stupid stuff. Not sure whether it’s because he’s not getting enough sex, or it’s a reflection of someone else’s morality. 🙂

  7. I don’t know how I missed the sharing of my birthday with Raphael. I’ve always been a huge fan and admirer of Michaelangelo Buonarotti Simoni, as well as an admirer of Leonardo. I am familiar with Raphael, his history, and his work, but never much admired him. Perhaps I should learn more.

    1. I feel the same way. Raphael is an excellent painter, but compared to Michelangelo and Leonardo, he seems (to me) to have too much sugar and not enough depth.

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