Caturday felids trifecta: Badass cats; cat gets massaged with electric toothbrush, fishermen rescue swimming kittens

March 25, 2017 • 9:30 am

by Grania & Jerry

The first video we have for your delectation is one of cats being brave or foolhardy, or both. Don’t try these at home, kids. And try to keep your kittens away from alligators. That rarely ends well.


A cat gets massaged with an electric toothbrush. In my opinion that’s not exactly how “massage” works, but the cat doesn’t seem to mind. I’m guessing the sound from the toothbrush is close enough to a purr to feline ears.

Then there’s this heart-warming story of swimming kittens rescued by fishermen. They have since been adopted by a family with two little girls, were named Warrior and River, and lived happily ever after.

And finally, to show that Trump understands the dignity of his office and that caricature is an essential and necessary part of a healthy democracy; the International Business Times brings us this story: Trump sends cease-and-desist to 17-year-old student over cat website. The student has created a website where users can use cat arms to bat and claw the head of Trump. It’s incredibly tame. The response from the President’s legal team has been incredibly lame. She has changed the site name, but apparently the legal team is still not satisfied:

It was not clarified what demands Trump’s legal team wanted from her. Lucy still hasn’t responded to Trump after changing her website’s name. She and her lawyer are still waiting for Trump’s next move.

The site in question is this one: (beware the Rickroll) if you wish to try it out for yourself.

h/t: Nicole Reggia, jps, Steve

21 thoughts on “Caturday felids trifecta: Badass cats; cat gets massaged with electric toothbrush, fishermen rescue swimming kittens

  1. For the felinophiles among you, there’s a new Turkish documentary, Kedi, making the art-house rounds. It’s about the feral cats of Istanbul, and it’s drawing rave reviews.

  2. Loved all the Kitty videos but I do wonder about the people filming the cats with snakes – some of them probably subsequently died from bites. Didn’t know my toothbrush has another life as a cat massager!

    1. Yeah, I too was wondering about where the cat-vs-snake films were shot.
      Then I started wondering if snake would actually be a natural part of the diet of pre-domestication cats. I honestly don’t know, but I could certainly imagine it. Scorpions too. Several types of pretty nasty spiders in the Middle-Eastern deserts.

      1. Yes no doubt for the original wild pussoys but I know of several cats around here that have died tangling with snakes – of course domestic cats weren’t domesticated in the Australian scene so they have no memory of necessary survival strategies but retain the instinct to go after them

  3. Mountain Lions ,Bobcats and bears ,oh my .
    I would give anything to live in a house that attracts wild critters like that .

  4. I suspect some of the wild animals approaching cats are looking for a mate but are not quite as fussy as they could be.

      1. Oops.

        On the other hand, we have (from the IBT story that PCC linked to):
        “Earlier this year, his wife, Melania, filed a US$150 million (AU$196 million) suit against UK paper the Daily Mail for publishing apparently damaging allegations. Her legal team argued that Melania had the “unique, once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity as a first lady of the US, which she could have used to garner multimillion-dollar business deals and endorsements, but that the newspaper has damaged it by publishing the unfounded allegations.”

        I had hoped that Melania might turn out not to be as stupid as her husband, but sadly it seems that crassness is a STD.


        1. Yes, I wouldn’t put anything past them, which is why this fake story got such traction. The story you just quoted is even more incredible, and yet it is actually true.

        2. I’ve read somewhere that, in relation to IQ, humans display positive assortative mating (i.e. in plain English, tend to select partners similar to themselves).

          1. I have no doubt that is statistically correct – which is to say there are exceptions, probably in cases where the self-selection is skewed for some reason. Very rich older husbands, for example.

            (Am I implying that Ms Trump married The Donald for his money? As good a reason as any. But maybe it was just for his winning personality).


  5. I like the kitteh at 5:00. Just sitting there, calm as anything, completely unfazed by the dog barking at her. A real cool cat.


  6. My last cat was a lovely little badass, but the three huskies next-door were too much and killed him before I could jump in. I decided he would be my last cat
    Although we were his staff for only a week or so he was the most extraordinary and lovely cat I ever served.
    He crept into our sleeping bag in a location near Plettenberg Bay, my late and beloved wife literally threw him out, but he was not deterred and came back, placating my wife.
    On the way back homr he turned out to have secretly crept into my car. At home he was extremely affectionate, never seen it that much in any cat. He understood moods even better than a d*g. He was always in for a game too, etc etc, he was the perfect one.

    1. O, me too, Mr Nicky. I am so, so sorry for this awful, awful loss of yours.

      re “not deterred” = the saga of many, many a kitty cat.


      1. And … … I so do know about thus: “decided he would be my last” one.

        Hard as that decision is, harder still is for one of Us Such Lovers to go through yet another one more deal of a … … loss. I would know: Moxie Grace OwlFace, my soooo, so much beloved, rescue and “extremely affectionate” Maine Coon, was made to first suffer, then killed by a human … … a teenage boy.

        I decided. Right then and there.

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