Thursday: Hili dialogue

March 16, 2017 • 6:30 am

by Grania

Good morning. Happy Day of the Book Smugglers (what a fantastic name) a day that commemorates smugglers transporting banned Lithuanian language books printed in the Latin alphabet into Lithuanian-speaking areas of the Russian Empire in the last years of the 19th century.

Jerry is on his way to Hobbit Land, or New Zealand as it is more formally known. I will keep you updated as news comes in, although Jerry will join us as often as wi-fi permits.

It’s the birthday of musician Nancy Wilson of Heart, famous for her song Dreamboat Annie.

Another Hollywood notable with a birthday today is Alan Tudyk, recently of the Star Wars Episode the Something-eth fame; but always for me Wash in Firefly / Serenity. Nope, never going to forgive Fox for that one.

Over here in Ireland everyone is gearing up – or winding down – for the long weekend courtesy of Paddy’s Day tomorrow. We’re having uncharacteristically balmy weather right now, but there is still a 50/50 chance of our Traditional Rain in time for the parade. Festivities here are quite different to those in the USA – you could fit the entire population of Ireland into New York and still have half the city left over. I’ll post some pictures tomorrow to show what an Irish St Patrick’s Day looks like.

In Dobrzyń Andrzej is teasing Hili a little, but she is buying into it.

A: Humans were created in the image of a cat…
Hili: But something went wrong.

In Polish

Ja: Ludzie zostali stworzeni na obraz i podobieństwo kota…
Hili: Ale coś poszło nie tak.

Taskin sent us some beautiful Gus photos as a bonus. Someone is unconcerned about the weather, international politics and Trump’s unreleased Tax Returns. Be like Gus just for today.

23 thoughts on “Thursday: Hili dialogue

  1. O Hili, gooood one ! “But something went wrong.” In four words’ breath, that about nails it !

    Solution for hoomins ? Six words: “Be like Gus just for today.” At the least !


    1. She was the first woman to be paid to do science. She earned a salary from the government for her work.

    1. A common trope in sci-fi movies. Presumably, a future technology is discovered that allows for “electronically” produced gravity. (BTW, “gravity plating” in the floors would have to be offset by cancelling tech in the ceilings – otherwise, planets and moons would crash into the spaceship due to the inverse-square law. ;))

      In terms of centrifugal gravity, this fellow outlines the most realistic depictions in sci-fi:

  2. The ‘real’ name of New Zealand is Aotearoa “land of the long white cloud” – understandable if you’ve ever spent any time there 😉

  3. I am envious of Jerry!

    Heart is a favorite of mine. Right up until whatever album These Dreams was on. Saw them in concert twice. Once they were okay and the other time they were one of the top 5 concerts sound-wise that I’ve been to. They also put on a good show. I tend to like their older stuff. Mistral Wind (prefer a live version), Tell It Like It Is, Barracuda, etc. At one of the concerts they performed a very nice version of Unchained Melody too.

    I’d no idea Alan Tudyk played the robot in Rogue One. He sure keeps busy.

    I don’t think Hili is buying into it at all. I think she’s being sarcastic.

    Gus looks like an expert.

    1. Nice vid post of Dreamboat Annie. This Heart song does not receive frequent airplay (a good thing) like Barracuda, Magic Man, These Dreams, Straight On, etc… Yet the harmonies that Ann, Nancy, and the band sing are amazing for this overlooked song. Dreamboat Annie Reprise is also great as well.

      I proudly bookmark these two songs in my Youtube playlist.

      1. I agree, Dreamboat Annie is a lovely song.

        On the other hand, These Dreams makes me want to take a 10 mm drill bit, carefully install it into the chuck of my 20 volt cordless driver, put it in high gear and then shove it into my ear. I was Heartbroken when that song / album first came out.

        On the gripping hand, Heart’s tribute performance to Led Zeppelin a few years ago showed that Nancy and Ann have still got it.

        1. Yes, the Kennedy Center honor for Led Zeppelin when Heart sang Stairway to Heaven. Superb. One can watch this on Youtube of course.

          Some say Ann Wilson is the “female Robert Plant”. I suggest that Robert Plant is the “male Ann Wilson”.

    2. In the official canon, Rogue One is an “unnumbered” Star Wars story, one of those bit of inbetween fillers.

  4. Love those cat pictures. Even with two of our own, you never get enough.

    Not so sure those specific tax numbers were not released by trump. Meanwhile, over at there is a really nice launch of a Falcon 9 at night. Shows speed and altitude numbers as it goes up. 10,000 kilometer per hr. in less than 2 minutes. And 100 Kilometers in altitude. That’s hauling the mail.

    1. An impressive night launch. The first stage has 9 Merlin engines! I was hoping to see another return of the first stage to Earth for reuse. Looks like they needed every bit of fuel to get the payload in the right orbit, so they sacrificed the first stage on this mission.

  5. Yes, Heart!

    Great video.

    They are a long time favorite and like many teenage guys in the 70’s (and early 80’s) I had a crush on Nancy Wilson.

    Just two nights ago I was spinning my vinyl LP of Heart’s Little Queen.

    Anyone who likes Heart (and especially if you like Zeppelin as well) should google Heart’s absolutely killer, and emotional, rendition of Stairway To Heaven during the Zeppelin tribute at the Kennedy Center. The emotional reaction of Plant and Page watching it is touching as well.

  6. When I saw your email, I thought of the African-American singer, Nancy Wilson. Does anyone else remember her from the 60’s?

  7. Wow! I just looked up the Day of the Book Smugglers. All of my grandparents came from Lithuania, and I heard many stories about the Communists forbidding materials printed in Lithuanian, and I know that continued into at least the 70’s, maybe later. But I had no idea it had also happened before the communist takeover, though I know the Russians were constantly invading Lithuania in the time of the Czars.

    Lithuania was the first captive nation to declare it’s independence from the USSR on March 11, 1990.

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