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March 12, 2017 • 9:15 am

Reader and artist Pliny the in Between has posted a number of tee-shirt logos he/she has designed over the years and put on the site The Far Corner Cafe. As far as I know, none have actually been put on tee-shirts, but I wouldn’t mind wearing one or two of these. Here are four. It took me a while to figure out the first one, but it’s the best!


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      1. #2 is the earth as the dung-ball being rolled by a cosmic scarab beetle. It’s probably a re-hash of some of the deeper bits of Egyptian mythology, though I’m not sure if it would come before or after the piling up of [some god]’s ejaculate to form the material of the world.
        It would put a different sense on the “We are stardust” song.

        1. I believe it’s ‘Gnu Atheist’, which I love.

          I haven’t cracked the code on the first one….yet.

    1. aha! that’s the only one I couldn’t figure…I gnu the “A” was for atheism but didn’t gnow the silhouette was s gnu. Great subtlety.

  1. stupid me – cannot figure out first one, the cat,unless it is “No cat declawing” or
    “No hitting cats with your fist”.

    Either of which are the worst kind of sin.

      1. I was coming out with “don’t choke the kitten” – but I don’t know if that’s a EN_US euphemism for choking the chicken or spanking the monkey.

  2. The dung beetle – is that the beginning or the end after humans have trashed the place? Maybe the new beginning. Dung as fertilizer to help new growth?

    No Pussy Grabbing – Love!
    Gnu Atheism took me a moment.
    Lovey whale is self explanatory.

    All are awesome designs.

  3. Without reading comments:

    1.) No Pussy-grabber (anti-Trump)

    2.)Judging from the study of nature, the Creator must be “inordinately fond of beetles” — JBS Haldane

    3.) Gnu (New) Atheism

    4.) Evidence in whale it was once a land animal, anti-creationism

    I went to the website and liked all his tee shirts. Very clever, and crisp designs that will read from a distance. Of course, I always look to see if anyone has used THE atheist symbol (which is my avatar and my favorite!), but no, only the Dawkins Out Campaign one.

    More (circle) universal atheist symbol. But otherwise, very good indeed.

    1. I didn’t realize there was such a variety of atheism symbols. A separate article showing each of them would be most welcome, as they could then each be discussed, and I, for one, could learn a lot.

      1. Yes, if you google “atheist symbol ” and look at the images several come up prominently, including this one. There’s the Dawkins symbol, the American Atheist logo (with or without the little ‘A’ inside), the generic circle Atheist Symbol (with many variations), and several more, including the Affinity(A with omega) and the Invisible Pink Unicorn.

        My favorite was selected from a field of I think 8 at a big Atheist Alliance International convention which had Dawkins, Dennett, Harris, and Hitchens speaking. It’s not supposed to be associated with any group or individual, though, or any particular version or form of atheism. It’s stylish, makes good jewelry, and the open circle, the Latin A, and the point can be connected to atheism.

        It was designed by artist Diane Reed in the 90’s.

        1. Feel free to use an image if so inclined. I’ll probably post the same set w white backgrounds as that might make printing easier.

          1. I love the idea of choosing and printing my own tee shirt with your artwork. Is there some way to compensate you, though, as it is, after all, your artwork? I might not get this done anytime soon, but others might also want to use your artwork and compensate you, too.

            1. Ghx. I’m looking into Zazzle and the like (probably not Hallmark…) to see what it would take to offer such an option.

              1. This idea also allows me to be picky, picky, picky regarding the tee shirt. There are so many options! You can’t possibly be expected to stock every sort and size, and then multiples of those for each of the logos you’ve designed.

  4. I am quite inclined to wear the whale without wording, which I think quite clearly, visually, self-explanatory. Without the word “evolution” displayed, what would be left to raise a religioso’s ire – the image reflecting the inescapably undeniable fact that whales have (remnants of) pelvis and femurs?

    1. Inescapable and undeniable? Challenge accepted.

      1. Who are we, mere humans, to pretend to know the infinite mind of a god and her mysterious ways.

      2. Satan diddit.


      1. Hey, hey now. It could have been a *committee* of gods, who formed a task force to study the feasibility of an action plan …

        1. Now you make me think there must be a *panel* of gods that reviews the merits of selected species to determine whether all their members should die out (by design?).

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