Fat squirrel

March 5, 2017 • 4:00 pm

The title above is the header of an email sent to me by reader Christopher Moss, who enclosed a photo and a comment. (The same squirrel, by the way, won the Squirrel Appreciation Contest a while back.)

I am creating a monster, one who complains noisily when I get up in the morning and fail to put out the feeder fast enough. One of these days he will be big enough to give me a good thumping for my tardiness.


15 thoughts on “Fat squirrel

  1. I’m reminded of the woman who started feeding the local deer off her deck. When she didn’t get the food out quickly enough, one buck got in the habit of raking his antlers on the glass of her patio door…

    1. I take it she never went away for very long? Animals’ subtle hints don’t stay so subtle when they’re ignored; it wouldn’t take long for rattling to become a full-on Glaswegian kiss (that’s a head-butt, by the way). I think the glass would come a poor second.

    1. When xe turns around on the feeder it becomes quite obvious xe is equipped with organs that make pregnancy extremely unlikely, even if xe is a trans-doe squirrel!

  2. The squirrels in my sister’s yard have long since learned to knock on the door.

    If the squirrels and the raccoons ever learn to work together, humanity is doomed.

  3. Our squirrels will leave a walnut shell in front of the door if we fail to feed them for a couple of days.

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