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February 26, 2017 • 7:30 am

Reader Robert Lang sent a bunch of photos with a “baby African mammal” theme. His notes are indented:

As penance for my last posting of a Nile crocodile’s dinner of gnu, I offer this collection of cute babies, from the same trip, which took in Amboseli National Park, Samburu National Reserve, and Masai Mara National Reserve, all in Kenya. No animals harmed here, I promise! (Plus: there’s kittehs.)

First we have two baboon mother-and-baby pairs. These are either olive babboons (Papio anubis) or yellow baboons (Papio cynocephalus); I can’t tell the difference, perhaps a reader with more expertise can help.



And continuing the mother-and-child theme, hippos and calf (Hippopotamus amphibius, on the banks of the Mara River).


And, similarly sized (but a lot less common): the White Rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum) and calf.


Of course, no Africa trip is complete without the African elephant (Loxodonta africana):


And now for some smaller fare. A warthog piglet (Phacochoerus africanus):


And onto some serious cuteness. A spotted hyena (Crocuta crocuta) mom and pup:


Even though they look like d*gs, they’re more closely related to felines, so I hope it’s OK to post a second one.


And speaking of d*g-like carnivores, the cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) is definitely a cat, but sometimes the other cats give it a hard time because it doesn’t have retractable claws.


But we need a true cat, I suppose, and so, we’ll close with a lion cub (Panthera leo), of course.


12 thoughts on “Readers’ wildlife photos

  1. A great lineup of exotic fauna.

    The warthog is said to be an ugly creature, but you can see a very young one exhibiting major cuteness. Very refreshing.

    Richard Dawkins wife Lala paints animal ties for him and one was of (adult) warthogs. He tells a story of being at an event with the Queen who asked why such an ugly animal on his tie? Richard retorted, how much more credit to the artist for making them look so good (or something similar).

    1. The warthog is said to be an ugly creature, but you can see a very young one exhibiting major cuteness. Very refreshing.

      Oh dear, beaten to the punch by F&S by about 60 years. Again.
      The Hog beneath the skin.
      The jungle was giving a party.
      A post-hibernation ball.
      The ballroom was crowded with waltzing gazelles, gorillas and zebras and all.
      But who is that animal almost in tears pretending to powder her nose?
      A poor little warthog who sits by herself in a pink satin with blue bows.
      Again she is no-body’s choice and she sings in a sad little voice:
      No one ever wants to court a warthog
      Though a warthog does her best
      I’ve spent a lot of money for a warthog. I am perfumed and prettily dressed.
      I’ve lustre-rinsed my hair, I’m perfumed here and there. My gums were tinted when I brushed my teeth.
      I’m young and in my prime but a wallflower all the time ‘cos I’m a warthog, just a warthog, I’m a warthog underneath.
      Take your partners for a ladies excuse me!
      Excited and radiant she runs on the floor.
      To join the furor and fuss.
      She taps on each shoulder and says ‘Excuse me!’
      And each couple replied ‘Excuse us!’
      Then having no manners at all, they sing as they dance round the hall:
      ‘No one ever wants to court a warthog.
      Though a warthog does her best.
      Her accessories are dazzling for a warthog. She is perfumed and daringly dressed.
      We know her these and those are like marilyn monroe’s. Her gown is just a scintillating sheath.
      But she somehow fails to please ‘cos everybody sees she’s a warthog, just a warthog, she’s a warthog underneath.’
      Head hanging she wanders away from the floor.
      This warthog whom n*body loves.
      Then stops in amazement for there at the door. Stands a gentleman warthog, impeccably dressed.
      In the act of removing his gloves. His fine chiseled face seems to frown as he looks her first up then down
      ‘I fancy you must be a sort of warthog, though for a warthog you look a mess.
      That make-up’s far to heavy for a warthog; you could have chosen a more suitable dress.
      Did you have to dye your hair? If that’s perfume – give me air!
      I strongly disapprove of scarlet teeth.
      But let us take the floor ’cause I’m absolutely sure that you’re a warthog, just a warthog, the sweetest little, neatest little dearest and completest little warthog … underneath’.

        1. Mick Flan and Don Swan never wrote a song with a sad ending.
          Except the one on Salisbury Plain.
          And the Ostrich.
          And …

  2. Was the closer relationship of hyenas to cats than dogs discovered through genetics? I once learned they were dogs (to quote Matt Groening in his pre-Simpsons comic, Life in Hell, “everything you’ve been taught is a lie”).

  3. Very good! We visited the Detroit zoo this weekend, and had a good time. One of the most interesting were the warthogs, which were scampering around and tossing tree branches in the air.

  4. That hyena baby is cute indeed, but I’ve heard their bite can crush your hand easily. They (female cubs) tend to kill their female siblings, possibly one of the reasons females mimic males.

  5. Of course, no Africa trip is complete without the African elephant (Loxodonta africana):

    Regarding the picture, it immediately occurs to me : do слончики (RU : slonchik, baby slon, baby elephant) suck their trunks as nipple-substitutes like baby humans do their thumbs ?

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