Why is the goose cooked?

February 5, 2017 • 1:30 pm

In preparation for my trip to New Zealand, I’ve been watching some of their famous commercials, including their safety demonstrations, like this one having a Lord of the Rings theme:

or this one, featuring the beloved All Blacks rugby team:

This one features the entire crew wearing nothing but body paint:

And here’s an ad, also funny, but I have one question: WHY IS THE GOOSE SINGED AT THE END?

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  1. Did you get the pav reference in the last video with the goose?

    I think he was singed because he got hit by lightning trying to fly himself.

      1. NZ and Australia always fight over who invented pav. 🙂 Be prepared to have a lot of pav made for you when you go there.

      1. I love how the kid asks God to prove who he is. Just the way he said it was funny. And of course, “….have some ice creams, do some bombs.”

  2. I assume the actor (Bryan Brown) was unhappy about not being (quite) recognized and flambeed him. By the way, Bryan Brown was the voice of the CGI goose, so that was a bit of an in joke.

    On Sun, Feb 5, 2017 at 2:30 PM, Why Evolution Is True wrote:

    > whyevolutionistrue posted: “In preparation for my trip to New Zealand, > I’ve been watching some of their famous commercials, including their safety > demonstrations, like this one having a Lord of the Rings theme: > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOw44VFNk8Y or this one, featuring” >

    1. I fondly remember the Tui ad at 3:50

      Here it is on its own (but repeated twice for some reason)
      Trigger warning: Gender stereotypes turned up to 11

      and here’s its predecessor:

      Tui were also famous for their ‘Yeah Right’ billboards, which were frequently topical and a bit edgy

      but always cynically amusing

      (‘Yeah right’ in Kiwi means ‘not a chance’, of course)


    1. … and show them, and show them, and show them and then show them again and then wonder why everyone who has seen them before stops watching.

      1. Yep, precisely. *And* they interrupt your screen feed while they’re doing it.

        I do always read carefully the safety card in the seat pocket, with particular regard to the exits. I really don’t need telling about the no smoking and the seat belt sign and the oxygen masks again…


  3. Stewardess: If there is an emergency during take off or landing, place both feet firmly on the floor, put your hands behind your head and your head between the knees.


    Stewardess: Your own knees, Father.

  4. As a thoroughgoing New Zealand atheist who loathes and detests the national religion, that second safety video would leave me cold. ‘Just stop faffing around being clever and get on with it and let me get back to my playlist’ is my curmudgeonly attitude.

    By the way, there is absolutely no need to fly Air New Zealand to get here, Auckland is served by probably 30 international airlines by now. Air New Zealand would prefer that nobody knew that.

    Never mind, here’s my favourite All Blacks commercial (Background: Some All Black was getting drunk and aggressive in a bar and his mate borrowed a handbag and whacked him with it to quieten him down. This was not lost on the Aussies 🙂

    There was an even better one which I think was a genuine handbag advert with a bunch of attractive Italian women doing the haka but it got censored because some precious prats pretended to be offended that women were doing it (it’s okay apparently for white guys to borrow the haka for commercial purposes but apparently highly offensive for women to poke fun at the national religion…) so I can’t find it now

    … excuse me I have to go and put out the burning crosses on my lawn…


      1. On the other hand, here’s a great NZ travel commercial:
        (Not quite the latest version, which isn’t on Youtube yet)

        And for a bit of nostalgia, here’s the national anthem as TV One played it at closedown in c.1980. The first version I could listen to without dying of boredom and wanting to blow my brains out. The traditional fogeys were disgusted – “They’ve made it sound like a common rock song!” – which was kind of the point


    1. Having worked with ANZ on airplane maintenance for many years in a former career, I can say that they are a solid outfit from that standpoint. Superb safety record.

      I have also always enjoyed flying on ANZ.

      1. Yep, the DC10 they smacked into Mt Erebus was in perfect working order. Probably the only DC10 crash that *wasn’t* caused by something falling off the thing. And then they tried to blame it all on the pilot**, so outrageously that the eventual Commission of Inquiry referred to their evidence as a ‘preconcerted litany of lies’. So then they went after the Commissioner.

        They would like everyone to believe they are the ‘New Zealand national airline’, especially when it suits them to invoke faux patriotism against any competition. In fact they’re just another airline now, who find it convenient to use the New Zealand name but get their maintenance done in ??Singapore?? because it’s cheaper. (I have no doubt it’s up to standard).
        I won’t go on.


        (** The interesting thing is this: that blaming the pilot was never in the interests of the airline as a whole. When I first heard the report my reaction was “What sort of outfit employs cowboys who fly planes into mountains in broad daylight? Who would ever fly with them again?” What I failed to realise was, this was the management covering their asses and to hell with the company.)

    1. That’s pretty blunt. I remember some people here wanted Health Canada to mandate something like “Smoking will make you hack up your lungs in little bits” or the like, but …

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