8 thoughts on “Singapura!

    1. The Wikipedia article says pet quality Singapuras go for about $1400 US which must be dated, because Google says more like $600 today.

  1. Singapura info: A full grown female usually weighs 5–6 pounds (2.3–2.7 kg) while the male weighs 6–8 pounds (2.7–3.6 kg). Seem like such lovely and smart little critters.

    A few years back I was planning to get a special cat and was very serious about the Singapura breed. Here in British Columbia they were very hard to acquire (disappointing)so I opted for two Devon Rex females who are between 7-8 pounds. Just love these high spirited little animals.

  2. On the wiki link, it says they are also called Drain Cats. Strange.

    I’ve never heard of this breed, but it sure is pretty.

    1. Singapore has impressive rain storms – more than double the UK total annual rainfall, but concentrated into short, heavy doses. “Drain cat” because Singapore is riddled with a network of storm drains that are dry most of the time – these small kitties can easily access this system, but “drain cat” is used in Singapore for any homeless feral cat I read.

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