CoyneFest this Friday and Saturday

October 10, 2016 • 9:45 am

Final announcement: a symposium on speciation featuring some accomplished evolutionists, will be held this Friday and Saturday morning at the University of Chicago in honor of my termination of doing science. I’ve given the schedule before (go here), but here’s the poster, which I like a lot.


Everyone’s welcome, and it’s free. There are places to buy lunch, and there will be coffee and goodies during the breaks.


19 thoughts on “CoyneFest this Friday and Saturday

  1. There are no flies on PCC[E]!

    I would have loved to go – so whoever goes make sure there are lots of photos & notes on the talks.

  2. Jerry, do you recommend any particular sessions for those of us able to drop in but who are simple lay people, as opposed to evolutionary biologists? Thanks and hope it’s a great day!

  3. This reminds me of a scene from the movie Wonder Boys (Michael Douglas). Douglas is a literature professor, as is Rip Torn (Q). Their school is having an annual celebration called “Word Fest”. At the opening, Rip Torn’s character is up there and says a bit pompously (but humorously) “I… and a writer”.

    So… Jerry needs to take the podium and with great ceremony say “I… am a scientist.”

  4. In an effort to promote a small online version of Coynefest, let me just mention the following:

    1) The chapter from WEIT that has stuck with me the most is the chapter on vestigial traits.

    2) I was prompted to read WEIT by Sarah Palin. I read something online about her believing the earth was 7,000 years old, and said to myself, “how can anyone possibly believe such nonsense?” but then quickly realized that (at the time) I could not have given a very good estimate of how old the earth was either (I just new 7,000 was whacked). Anyway, it set me off reading Dawkins and then WEIT. Thanks for a great book Jerry!

  5. What a great event and so sorry I can’t get to Chicago for this…
    I hope you have a fabulous time. Congratulations!

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