9 thoughts on “The place of cats in the Universe

  1. The interesting thing about this is that it’s apparently his cat. I don’t watch a lot of TV (it’s not a moral thing – I just wait for Netflix), so I’m a little out of touch with consumer marketing trends. I hope this is one, though. “Cat Lady” [sic] is truly an equal opportunity condition.

  2. This is on rotation on German TV and despite that the german equivalent of “Pussy” (Muschi) even more means the body part rather than “cat”. However, the term is also rather old fashioned slang, and probably too elusive to most viewers, and hence the ad looks more innocent, “guy prefers to feed cat over sex”.

    But Germany is also more liberal and relaxed than the US. The culture is not breaking down in a moral crisis because a nipple is seen on TV. There were even commercials on regular rotation with half naked people.

  3. To a long married, cat owner, it looks pretty routine to me. The getting of cat food seems very fast, I’m sure the lady hopes the rest isn’t so fast.

  4. After watching the cat video, links to four other videos popped up, one of which may be of interest to readers:

    Believing Six Impossible Things before Breakfast, and Climate Models. a lecture by mathematician Christopher Essex, Ph.D.


    This is a fairly good recap of Professor Essex’s chapters in the book co-authored with the economist Ross McKittrick, Taken By Storm.

    The math is mostly numerical analysis, well explained. Enough to be understood even if you have forgotten what you learned in school.

    An eye-opener for people who have never done modeling using computers. But actually all in a day’s work for applied maths and numerical analysts.

    I first encountered two of the mentioned computer glitches in 1964-1968 using an IBM.360 mainframe computer and then switching to an RCA Electra.7 mainframe.

    Disclaimer: I am not a mathematician, just a math user.

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