Monday: Hili dialogue

June 27, 2016 • 6:30 am

It’s Monday already, and the hot weather is continuing: today’s high in Chicago is predicted to be 92º F (33º C), making it hard to exercise outdoors. I feel fat.  It is June 27, Helen Keller Day in the U.S. and Mixed Race Day in Brazil. On this day in 1844, Joseph Smith, the founder or Mormonism, was killed by a mob in Carthage, Illinois and, in 2007, Tony Blair resigned as PM after ten years of holding the position.

Notables born on this day include Emma Goldman and Hans Spemann (both 1869), Helen Keller (1880; see above), Ross Perot (1930), Isabelle Adjani (1955), anybody reading this?, and Ted Haggard (1956). Those who died on this day include Hermann Buhl (1957), A. J. Ayer (1989), and Jack Lemmon (2001). Meanwhile in Dobrzyn, Cyrus is not the sharpest knife the the drawer:

Hili: What do you see out there?
Cyrus: Nothing special but it’s interesting anyhow.
In Polish:
Hili: Co tam widzisz?
Cyrus: Nic specjalnego, ale to też ciekawe.
Out in Winnipeg, Gus was filmed yesterday getting his breakfast. He meows twice, a rarity in Gus videos (it’s funny, but because he’s earless—but can hear fine—I somehow assume he’s mute). He also likes to crunch.

25 thoughts on “Monday: Hili dialogue

    1. In a way, our movie heroes never age. They are preserved in film for all time. It takes some of the sting out.

    1. Anybody reading this?

      I am. Always do.

      Today, with special attention.

      Because of Isabel Adjani, because she is a splendidly distinctive actress…

      …and because of Mixed Race Day in Brazil, which I had not heard about even though I am there now.

  1. I was going through the Mormon discussions in the early 80s. The missionaries were discussing the death of Joseph Smith. I questioned them about why God, who was interested in the restoration of the Gospel, committed such an oversight in failing to provide Smitty with a method to determine succession of the head of the church. You know, in case of say mob attack? As usual, I did. It get a satisfactory answer.

  2. Small correction:

    Tony Blair resigned as PM after ten years of bringing disgrace on his office.

    Sorry, still in a bad mood after last week.

  3. Our cat Emma, who also has the smaller ears from frost bite like Gus, has a much different meow than we see in most cats. May be something too that?

  4. Poor Cyrus, always being picked on! He’s just a mellow, fun-loving poochie, and never bored. One lucky d*ggie.

    I jus’ love Gus. ‘Our’ feral cats around here have never meowed. We generally know which ones have strayed from home.

  5. I wasn’t sure if “anybody reading this?” was an actual question for the readers or a phrase somehow connected to Isabelle Adjani.

  6. Reading? Why yes…pretty much the first thing I do every morning. Thanks for the Hili Dialogues and trivia tid-bits.

    1. Sorry don’t click on any of that, it was supposed to be a robot dog slipping on a banana skin but the BBC link is messed up

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