The expanding horseshoe

May 10, 2016 • 1:30 pm

This cartoon, from Twi**er, is of course a bit exaggerated but not that far from the truth: some liberals, gays, and feminists show a failure to decry regressive values when they’re held by Muslims, but properly deplore then when they’re espoused by others.  It is the double standard that so plagues the Left. And like an expanding horseshoe (the metaphor comes from Peter Singer), the values of the Authoritarian Left are bending around to converge with those of the conservative Right. CiCjlxoXIAA3Bjwh/t: Barry


19 thoughts on “The expanding horseshoe

  1. Although I find much to admire in Unitarianism, this kind of thinking has been going on in those circles for a very long time.

  2. It would be interesting to have some trending poll data to know whether the pushback against the regressive left is having any effect.

    1. My best guess is that the ‘true’ Regressive Left will end up in their own small bunker (just like the far-right) but that leftish people who have been swept along by the rhetoric will slowly fall away.

      1. Agreed, but it’d be nice to know where we are in that cycle. Have we reached peak regression?

      2. I suspect in various forms its quite powerful – a lot of it is well meaning naivete or even career pressure picking up the essential geist (not the detailed intellectual underpinnings) of a movement originally of modern French (and to a lesser extent German) intellectuals thats been gradually picking up speed since the 1950s. Most of the more moderate ones don’t realise where the view that the west is uniquely sinning and modernity is not necessarily a good thing comes from.

  3. Where’s the exaggeration?

    If I was the person on the right, my response (as would any rational person’s, I hope) would be “Oh, sorry. You’re not a Republican arsehole or a Muslim arsehole. You’re just an arsehole”.
    An arsehole by any other name still smells like shit.

  4. She could have said “Oh, I’m sorry about that, because if you were a Republican I would have some hope of changing your mind”.

  5. What astonishes me is that people swallow the argument of MsBlueShirt that labelling one’s arsehole-like behaviour as being religiously motivated provides any sort of protection or defence against being recognised as an arsehole?

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