Friday squee: three rescued animals in love with their mentors

March 11, 2016 • 3:00 pm

It’s the end of most people’s work week, and I like to finish it off with some heartwarming squee. This week I’ve been sent, or found, four items.

Let’s start with this:

And then go to Ozzie the Desk Weasel. Don’t get any ideas about adopting one, as this is a rescued orphan and weasels can be really bite-y pets. But Ozzie seems tame, and it’s nice he was rescued. His staff’s notes:

Yup, he loves to play. So do I. But before I get to go online and start killing, I’m being camped by this fearless fighter. But then again; his ping is so much lower than mine…

Disclaimer: A weasel is not a pet. They hate being locked up, they’re not friendly when hungry. Don’t get one. Seriously. Ozzy is a special case rescue baby. Cute, but deadly. 😉

Another cute video of Ozzie is here.


And meet Cujoe, a kangaroo whose mom was hit by a car. He’s been adopted by a policeman in Cue, a small town north of Perth, and you can read about it in the PuffHo piece, “Cop saves orphaned baby kangaroo“.

Click on the screenshot to see Cujoe’s savior, Constable Scott Mason, and watch the joey try to find a pouch in Mason’s teeshirt:

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 12.03.41 PM


Finally, here’s the lovely story of an oil-soaked penguin, Dindim rescued by a kindly Brazilian man who cleaned it up. The Magellanic penguin (Spheniscus magellanicus) apparently bonded with the man and so, every June the penguin shows up near Rio and spends eight months with Mr. Pereira de Souza before departing to breed in southern South America.

Here are two videos:

and this one:

h/t: Malcolm, John, Hempenstein, Gethyn

15 thoughts on “Friday squee: three rescued animals in love with their mentors

  1. If you want a weasel-like pet, go for a ferret (or two or three, to keep each other company). They can be trained not to bite anything except feet. Nothing stops them biting feet.

  2. As cute and entertaining as this weasel video is, it bothers me no end that 1.3 million viewers have watched it, and many are now convinced they need to “have” one. So many exotic WILD animals are living as pets with people who are ill-prepared to care for them properly, or quickly lose their motivation to do so after the novelty has worn off. So if you MUST have an exotic and/or wild animal as a pet, find one that was abandoned and is up for adoption. The truth is that humans can NEVER provide the life that these animals evolved to live in their natural habitats.

  3. On Christmas day three years ago, in broad daylight, a car struck a kangaroo on the road outside my house. The roo was severely injured, so I asked the local police to come and shoot the poor thing, which they did. Job done.. About ten minutes later I had a thought, so I went back to the roo to see if it was a female, and if it was carrying a joey. It was. I left the joey in the pouch and covered the roo with old doonas and blankets to keep her bodyheat in until the wildlife rescue people could come. They extracted the joey, and then marked the dead kangaroo with iridescent paint. The purpose of the paint is to indicate to passing motorists that the kangaroo has been attended to, so there is no need to stop. I had not known that, and used to wonder why so many dead kangaroos on the roadside were painted bright green or bright pink.

    The saddest part of the story is that the policeman who came to shoot the kangaroo had had to leave the site of a triple-fatality car accident to give his assistance. All on a Chrismas Day.

  4. Every cop in America should have a ‘roo instead of a gun. And Canadians should have a desk weasel.

    I’m not sure it would solve anything but it would make life so much more interesting.

  5. Super kitty pic–and they all seem to have the same ears!

    Why on earth did weasels get such a bad rep?

    Love the joey in the policeman’s pouch. 🙂

  6. Do you think the chap’s covering his mouse to stop the weasel from trying to mate with it?

    And if I may, my favourite penguin joke:

    A young penguin goes into a pub, approaches the barman and says “Excuse me, has my dad been in here tonight?”
    “No idea,” says the barman, “What does he look like?”

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