17 thoughts on “Bloom County on the GOP race

  1. If she gets the nod as Trump’s VP, there’s still plenty of time between now and the convention for Palin to read a newspaper.

  2. Sure hope the viewers don’t get carried away with things that have not happened as yet. I know they will and do but it is January folks, and not one vote has been cast. Also remember, Iowa is a Caucus and not a primary. It is also a state that is not representative of much of anything except maybe the white part of Alabama.

    The question is — are we so stupid that we might let the media pick the winners for us. If so, then we can all stay home election day

    1. The ‘media picks’ meme is IMO way oversold and largely mythological. To see this, just think about right-wing attempts to skew polls and proclaim their people way ahead of poll numbers in the past couple of elections. Those are attempts to use the media to sway what people do at the polls. They are attempts to create exactly this sort of “if we make people think he’s winning, more people will vote for him” sort of effect. And it doesn’t work. The actual poll numbers don’t move in response. Actual voter returns don’t move in response. The media can talk up Trump/Palin all it wants, and I seriously doubt it will have any effect at all on what GOP Iowans decide in their caucus.

      1. I think you may be wrong on this but we will have an idea in about 12 days. I do not watch Fox news, I could not even tell you what channel it’s on. But CNN is on around here all the time and they have been covering Trump non-stop and very little of any other republican candidates. This has to be affecting people.

        Earlier Cruz was leading big in the polls for Iowa but that is no longer true. He is going down and Trump indicating up. Also, Trump now has a big lead over Cruz and everyone in the national polls.

    2. The question is — are we so stupid that we might let the media pick the winners for us. If so, then we can all stay home election day

      That is probably what the people who own the media want you to accede to.

  3. This is hilarious!

    In the real world, heads spontaneously exploding is as likely as a Trump/Palin ticket.

    Seriously, he is slightly more likely to pick Clinton as his VP as a way to unite the country.

  4. – Palin is only being used to mobilize evangelical support for the Iowa primary
    – As much as a circus that the Republican debates have been, at least they have been willing to do them in the open and have had several of them.
    – Why is it that you have nothing to say about the DNC hiding the debates and holding so few of them?
    – And nothing to say about the candidate you have declared that you are going to vote for, namely Hillary Clinton. She should be heading for prison.
    – The leading Republican candidates may appear like jokers to your educated mind but they have not committed any crimes. At least not yet.

    1. The latest news on the e-mail scandal that I guess you are referring to is that there was highly classified material in her private account (and I agree that her having work emails in that account was very careless), but the state dept has repeatedly said that although it should not have happened they have no inclination as yet to press charges. So jail is not even on the radar, at least not yet if ever.
      Also, items that were classified were classified after she had possession of them, and the classification of others was not clear.
      Totally agree on the secretive democratic debates, though.

  5. Okay, last I heard, Bill the Cat IS Donald Trump–Trump’s brain was surgically implanted in Bill’s body. When did this stop being true?

    1. So where did Bill’s brain go, and whose brain is controlling Trump’s body?

      Uh oh, I think I know why Trump’s brain exploded…

  6. I can envision Trump giving his first state of the union address before congress.

    “I have built a fence. And it’s a beauty.”

    Palin, mugging behind him…gives a wink.

  7. I was looking through the “festive” number of Private Eye, but they don’t seem to make their back numbers available online. Still a dead-tree production. Transcribing :
    by Our Election Staff G. Hadd
    The front runner for the Republican Party presidential candidate received an unexpected boost yesterday from an unlikely quarter.
    A spokesman for the Caliphate issued a statement endorsing Mr Trump, saying that he had won an unofficial primary in the state of Syria and recorded an astonishing 99 percent of the vote.
    The spokesman said, “Trump speaks to our people. He is a gun-crazed, reactionary, misgynistic, homophobic, hate-filled fanatic”
    “He’s our kind of guy. You gotta love him. Go Trump.”

    With endorsements like that, the Last Trump must have a good chance.

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