Spot the hidden animals: 20 opportunities!

October 27, 2015 • 3:21 pm

Well, if you’re not very good at playing “spot the nightjar” on this site, here’s a chance to spot 20 animals, and it’s not too hard. At you’ll find 20 photos of animals that you can scrutinize sequentially, and when you click on the “forward” arrow, the animal is circled so you can see if you were right.

Go try your luck. Here are four teasers.

Spot the leopard. (Yes, it’s already spotted. . . )

Spot the impala.


Spot the wolf.


Spot the willow ptarmigan.

Willow Ptarmigan

I bet you got them all!

h/t: Ant

26 thoughts on “Spot the hidden animals: 20 opportunities!

  1. If the leopard’s face hadn’t been turned to the camera, I don’t think I would have had the slightest chance of spotting it.
    The Ptarmigan threw me off because I thought they had brown plumage on their heads.

  2. Leopard on first look ; ptarmigan same.
    Impala on second look.
    Still only 50% on the wolf. Is it partly behind a tree?

  3. When I spot these critters for the first time, my mind has a little “ah ha!” moment followed by an “of course” moment.

  4. loveliest = that willow chicken … …

    With it as Alaska’s state bird, I on a 1997 July afternoon after slogging from Whitehorse along ~440 of the World’s worst mountain miles, ‘ve actually hauled on in to here, Chicken, Alaska:,_Alaska.

    And, sure ‘nuf, the whole town [as viewed in its complete entirety inside this website – explanation’s .one. picture] has all over the dustiness and underbrush outside its one [ general store / two – table restaurant / hotel bed (singular) / fuel pump (singular)] building there … … such ptarmigans. Not in Julys’ ice white colorations but, instead, underbrush – camoed in its summer plumage.


  5. Aargh, wanted to look at the rest of the pics but those one-pic-per-page photo sites just take too damn long on my platform.

    The ones shown here are lovely, but the best part is of course the illustration of such amazing camouflage. I’d like to take the test without being told what to look for first!

  6. The ptarmigan stuck out a mile. Wolf was harder. Antelope harder still. And kitteh would have had me for lunch before I spotted him.

    Still can’t find the nightjar though.


    1. Oh, and as rickflick said, when I did spot them (except the ptarmigan which was obvious) there was a little shock of surprise. There it is, in plain view. Once you see it, that is…


  7. That ptarmigan didn’t even try.

    Funny thing with the impala is that I could see the body instantly, but it took a while to get the face. It still looks out-wordly to me. Do they adjust colors et cetera to make the animals harder to resolve?

    The w*lf was the trickiest. But don’t tell the leopard…

    Where is the nightjar?

    1. Odd, the impala, I can see its face but I still can’t see its body. In fact I wondered if an impala head had been photoshopped into the pic, it seems so disembodied.


      1. Inversely odd, I saw the body but not the face. Others missed – the snipe (unsure what to see even with it circled) and the adder.

        Technically missed the wolf since I thought clicking the pic would embiggen it but instead I got the answer.

  8. I found the claim at the ’22’ site that “Most people can’t find the animals…” to be implausible, and it would be shocking if true. On the other hand, I’ve been spending a lot of time lately on the ‘Wildcam Gorongosa’ project at; spotting partly hidden animals is just what I do for fun.

    (BTW, apologies if this posts twice. Something screwy with WP or settings, nothing came up when I clicked Post)

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