My talk in Torun

October 6, 2015 • 8:00 am

The biology group at the University of Torun has published a series of photos of the “Inauguration of the Academic Year” ceremony, and I’ll put up a few, including some of my talk. The ceremony was designed to welcome the new students in biology, and also to inspire them. Thus I designed my talk to outline the facts, wonders, and importance of understanding evolution.

The  dean (standing) and deanlets, all in their academic regalia:


The undergraduates, with a hearteningly high proportion of women:


Five or six Ph.D. “certificates” were given; I believe these represent admission to the doctoral program rather than a completed Ph.D.:


Watching the ceremony in our reserved seats. Next to me is Justyna Trawinska, who helped arrange the whole thing and served, with her partner Michal, as my guide to Torun. I look a bit ragged as I was still ill from that damn virus.


On the Big Stage. Torun: if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.

Note that the slides are in both Polish and English. That, too, was Justyna’s work, with the translation checked by Malgorzata.



25 thoughts on “My talk in Torun

      1. Well, that’ll keep her busy…for a lifetime…or several….

        You’ll have to entice her to write some guest posts on what she figures out along the way!


  1. Jerry, if not a video of your presentation, would it be possible to post a transcript of your presentation? I am sure that we all would find that very enlightening!

  2. Nice double windsor knot. I’ve forgotten how to tie one of those. A couple years ago I bought a tie at Nordstrom’s for a formal meeting and I had the sales associate tie a double windsor for me. It’s hanging in my closet with the knot still tied for the next time I need to wear it. The silk is probably permanently creased.

  3. Hi Jerry,
    Hope you’re feeling better and have conquered the ‘evil’ airport.
    I’d really like to view your presentation at the University of Torun – would there be any possiblity of you e mailing me a copy.?

    Kind regards.

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