Monday: Hili dialogue

September 28, 2015 • 2:25 am

It’s Monday, but of course every day is a work day in Dobrzyn, so there’s little to distinguish today from all other days. As for yours truly, my cold is slowly abating, though I have to say it was a rough night. Another day of rest and I will, I hope, be almost back to normal. Even the Furry Princess of Poland was concerned, and moved my placecard:

Hili: Where is Jerry?
A: He is in bed with a cold.
Hili: Get well soon, Jerry!

In Polish:
Hili: A gdzie jest Jerry?
Ja: Leży w łóżku, przeziębiony.
Hili: Zdrowiej szybko, Jerry!


9 thoughts on “Monday: Hili dialogue

  1. Feel better Jerry! I know lots of people who inevitably catch colds a few days after they fly. Could be they get it on the airplane, or maybe the local rhinovirus is just sufficiently different from their ‘native’ one to be trouble, but either way…it stinks!

    If you’re cold, this may raise your temperature. Gary Gutting thinks he’s found an updated, valid (or at least improved) Pascal’s Wager. IMO he has completely missed the boat, but I mention it here because it seems like the sort of article you like to cover.

    1. Oy! Such dreck in the Times!

      He’s still, of course, presupposing that the god he wants people to believe in is the same fluffy bunny god he himself already believes in. And all the rest of the objections to the Wager still apply. And the Times bothered to publish such nonsense…because…?

      <sigh />


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