Thursday: Hili dialogue

September 10, 2015 • 6:30 am

It’s getting inexorably cooler in Chicago; although highs today are predicted to be about 77º F, those will drop to  66º tomorrow and 62º on Saturday—almost jacket weather! Otherwise, nowt to report save I’m getting things done before my trip to Poland, Sweden, and Atlanta, Georgia in 11 days. I’ll get to see Andrzej, Malgorzata, and of course Hili (I’m told that Cyrus will be displaced from the couch to make room for me), and this time I’m promised that I’ll get to meet Leon! Meanwhile in Dobrzyn, Hili is shirking her editorial job, claiming that she’s “stretched to the limit,” but I’ve seen her stretched far more. But she’s still cute!

A: We have plenty of work to do.
Hili: But I’m already stretched to the limit.


In Polish:
Ja: Mamy dziś strasznie dużo pracy.
Hili: Przecież robię, co w mojej mocy.

7 thoughts on “Thursday: Hili dialogue

  1. Hi Jerry,

    In respect of European travel do you have any plans to speak in UK soon? I am currently reading WEIT and enjoying it very much. If you do come back to the UK you should make a trip to the Square and Compass pub in Dorset, as not only does it sell great beer it must be the only pub in the world with its own Fossil museum!; www.

    Keep up the good work


    1. I’m giving the Darwin Day lecture in London for the British Humanists on Feb. 12 (introduced by Dawkins), but haven’t committed to speak in the UK beyond that. But I doubt I’ll get to Dorset, though I spent a lovely week there a few years ago.

  2. 77 degrees – I’ll take it! Here in the normally balmy Bay Area we had 97 yesterday and are expecting much the same today and Friday. But no doubt Ben Goren can top this easily.
    Still, this is easily the hottest summer I remember in nearly 40 years here, and the driest.

    1. Curiously enough, not really. Today’s high here is forecasted as a mere 97°F as well — and already 88°F and not yet ten in the morning.

      We’ll be back over 100°F this weekend, with 106°F on Saturday…but Sunday’s 102°F is actually looking like it could well be the last triple-digit day of the season. All the way down to 90°F by midweek, and lows a near-freezing 70°F!


  3. Even with the temperatures are in the high 80’s the humidity is in the 70’s -s 90’s that it feels like it is in the 100’s degrees F.

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