51 thoughts on “The atheist pig pwns a believer

  1. The domain registrant appears to be a real person, and a ‘him’. But ‘them’ is fine, whether the comic is a collaboration or not.

        1. Well, if we’re going to recapitulate that topic here…I personally would have taken this:

          I can’t find the author to give him/her credit (or do readers think I should use “them”?). Perhaps he/she is reluctant to admit the production of such stridency.

          and re-worked it along these lines:

          I can’t find the author to give credit. I suspect such anonymity might result from a reluctance to admit the production of such stridency.

          …but that’s just me, of course….


      1. No it wouldn’t. Quite apart from context making its meaning clear, “them” as a singular has a long history in the English language. Its use does not exclusively suggest a plural, contrary to a popular language myth.

        I learned that from The Sense of Style by Steven Pinker. Even ignoring the fact that he’s a language expert who consulted several other literary and linguistic authorities, though, I still fail to see anything wrong with using “them” to describe a vague or undefined singular third party.

  2. Excellent. I had a conversation with a friend just a few hours ago where he claimed religious isn’t divisive if you go to a nondenominational church. I explained that the term nondenominational Christian Church is an inherent contradiction in terms for a number of reasons including how such churches established themselves in the first place-offshoots of Protestantism.

    Almost in the same breath as his first claim, he then said it doesn’t matter what religion you are as long as you accept Jesus. For good measure he added in the Muslims are of Satan, Catholics worship saints and don’t believe in salvation by faith, and nonbelievers are doomed not for actions but for not believing. Yup, nondivisive…and certainly Hallmark worthy as well…

  3. But it’s all okay, see? Because you need religion to keep you from being the sort of nasty reprobate who would burn somebody alive. Because we all know that the Nazis didn’t have Gott on their belt buckles; the Inquisition was all about Western imperialism; and DAESH has nothing whatsoever to do with Islam — meaning all those were and are cases of atheists usurping Jesus’s exclusive monopoly on the whole burning persuasion thing.


    1. Then draw one! That’s the great thing about comics; they’re one of the most egalitarian forms of artwork. Though the greats have drawing talent oozing out of their pores, lots of great work has been done by people who struggle with mere stick figures.


  4. For Christians, the acceptance of the idea that we’re born hellbound reprobates who are only capable of sin and evil, and that any good things we do are empty because they are not of god makes the idea that one can be redeemed from this and sealed for an eternity of bliss in heaven very beautiful.

    Of course, first you have to believe you’re a human piece of garbage… which I did for years. Imagine filling your kids’ heads with that before sending them out into the world :/

  5. I have a magnetic plaque on my refrigerator that asks, ” Have you threatened your children with eternal damnation yet today?” I bought at Skepticon in Springfield, Missouri last November. I go every year in November

  6. It’s time to encourage the use of “them” instead of he/her. Sure it’s a change. So is he/her instead of he (but meaning man or woman). Language changes. The rules of English grammar didn’t cone down on the third tablet that Moses dropped (like this is a crowd that would care anyway). People use the them as singular now, until they get scolded out of it. Sometimes grammar ought to be descriptive instead of prescriptive.

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