Wednesday: Hili dialogue

August 26, 2015 • 6:30 am

It’s Hump Day, and the weather is still lovely though I’m becoming increasingly impoverished as the markets tank. But let’s not think of my future career as a barista (I will make no pumpking lattes). Rather, let’s comtemplate the further antics of Hili and Andrzej. I’ll call this one “Cui bono?”

Hili: Who pays you?
A: For what?
Hili: For going first and forcing us to chase after you.

P1030281In Polish:

Hili: Kto wam za to płaci?
Ja: Za co?
Hili: Żebyście szli pierwsi i zmuszali nas do gonienia was.

8 thoughts on “Wednesday: Hili dialogue

      1. Sounds very bad, the drought in Poland. Just the opposite of our weather in Iowa this year. The geography/location of Poland was a curse beyond description with the Nazis and the Communist surrounding it. The Allies were complicit in the aftermath.

      1. It’s like it’s a winner on the “let’s come up with the most disgusting flavor combinations” contest….

        Pumpkin is a wonderful food. It should not be drunk — and especially not mixed with coffee (and, I’m sure, equal parts sugar) and drunk!


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