Caturday felid trifecta: two hungry cats devour 20 sardines, novel cat feeder, and BAFFTIME!

August 15, 2015 • 7:30 am

Now here’s a hungry pair of cats! This video, labeled “2 cats eating nearly 20 raw fishes (Not even a single piece was left!”, also comes with a LOLzy caption:

It was a feast for our cats. They got almost 20 raw fishes to eat. They eat the whole food even though slowly ! The fish’s name is sardine . A fish which was not sardine was also there in the plate. The male cat (black and white one) didn’t eat it after taking it from the plate, but the female cat (calico cat) ate it at the end. What the male cat did just after eating the food was interesting, he climbed a big tree to catch a squirrel ! (That video was already been uploaded in this channel)


A gentleman named Benjamin Millam designed a clever machine that forces his housebound cat Monkey to hunt for its food. (The full explanation is at the link, and there’s a shorter piece at Laughing Squid). First the video.

Here are its internal workings from Millam’s site (clearly this man deeply loves his moggie; this was a lot of work!):




Finally, Deveoh has a number of photos of animals having a bath (TRIGGER WARNING: D*GS!). Lots of them enjoy it, but the cats clearly don’t, as evidenced by a few of the photos, with the best one first:





More anger:animal-baths-reactions-6

Overwhelming fear:animal-baths-reactions-2Injured dignity:


And the most pathetic kitten ever:animal-baths-reactions-16

h/t: Steve

9 thoughts on “Caturday felid trifecta: two hungry cats devour 20 sardines, novel cat feeder, and BAFFTIME!

  1. Ohhh, Basement Cat is busy adding to his “little list / of hoomins who will not be missed”.

  2. That device is really neat and the cat really seems to work for it.

    I wonder hoa such slim cats can eat so many fish! I hope they didn’t vomit any up after. Sardines really stink! I used to buy them for my dog and then decided to stop because they are too gross to handle.

    The photos of pets being washed are cute. I used to wash my guinea pigs in the bathroom sink when they got older and couldn’t keep themselves as clean.

    1. I’m wondering about the quantity of food those cats ate, as well. Baihu gets about 60 grams of his frozen raw food per day…and I wouldn’t be surprised if just one of those fish weighs that much.

      I just hope the cats weren’t starved just for the purpose of making the video….


  3. The only times my cats have looked anything like these wet cats is when they insisted on walking on the curved edge of my claw-foot tub while I was taking a bath and they accidentally slipped into the water. It was as if they could fly, they leaped out so quickly!

  4. We had a cat, but we never felt the urge to give it a bath. Our d*g will get several a year, but we usually have that done at the groomers.

  5. “Arduino” is one of my favourite words. I have no idea what it does except that it’s some kind of electronic gadgetry, but I love the word.

  6. Perhaps it’s because my cats have always been the indoor variety, I don’t understand why one would bathe a cat. Isn’t that one of the beauties of a cat is that they take care of that themselves?

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