The Last Trump

July 21, 2015 • 10:30 am

Ceiling Cat (PBUH) has communed with His Emissary on earth and announced the close of the Trump Your Cat contest. Here are a few last entries.

Pauline sent us this note:

This is our skinny, no svelte, black Zelda of 18 years, working the Trump do. At this golden age, she’s still a master mouser.
This photo gig was harder to pull off than I expected.  The first sittings were not to her liking, as she was beyond affronted, and then felt she’d rather tussle with the tassel. However, success! She found the yellow Swiffer dusting pad quite cozy on her head, and even slept with it. A very economical solution for those bad hair days.
You're fired!
You’re fired!

Avis James writes:

Here is Janet doing her “Trump the Cat”.  She has her mouth open and
looks a bit pissed off, just like the other Trump.  She is wearing
shavings from the wood cabinets we are making for our new kitchen.


And there’s even an entry from over the pond – Mike Barnes writes:

Election fever hits England.
(from Sara Longmuir)
P.S. Cat’s name is Compo.
From reader Charles Jones:
This photo captures the multi-deranged comb-over, the wrinkled brow denoting serious brain power, and the moment just before The Neville fired the new kitten, Fluffer-noodle.
Photo credit: Hannah Jones
P.S. Neville is dumber than a post.
And last under the limbo bar, Randy Schenck who writes:
The Trump victim is Emma, with hair provided by Bumper.
Trump Emma, 21 July 2015 001


13 thoughts on “The Last Trump

  1. The Trump series has been loads of fun. Thanks everyone for sending in these great and hilarious photos. I’ve used a couple as screen savers. I won’t say which ones since I didn’t get permission. heehee

  2. While Trump flies first in the polls, this poll rates first among the cognoscenti. We wait only to felicitate the winner.

  3. btw, just came across a webcomic that often features cats (sans toupee) called especially amusing is one called That Special Cat Bonding. Enjoy.

      1. What? One can never have too many comics in their lives, especially cat comics! I don’t know a whole lot about this one, quite literally stumbled onto it just before clicking over to read this post today.

        1. I agree. Nothing more agreeable than the smell of a good catoon in the morning. “Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap!” is the cat’s protest at the end of the strip.

    1. the only sentient organism in the world to have worse hair than The Trump.

      Without wishing to reduce the pitter-patter of yellow rainfall upon Trump and his rug, I still don’t understand the basis for actually comparing hair appearance.
      (When the wife gets me to the hair re-arranger, she does the talking. I just bury my nose in something more interesting.)

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