Here’s Baihu!

July 16, 2015 • 12:45 pm

Everybody (including staff Ben Goren) has been clamoring to see Ben’s cat Baihu. I managed to take one picture of the moggie when we trapped him in the laundry room; otherwise he hides when strangers arrive. So here, for your delectation, is Baihu, whose name means “white tiger”:

P1080642He looks affronted.

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  1. He maybe needs to be Trumped in order to be truly affronted. I’m assuming he’s not along on your mini-road-trip? Guess he’s a stranger-wuss like Booker T. Carmen Dingle greets one and all at the door, including service people.

  2. So pleased to make your acquaintance, Baihu. And sorry that you had to be trapped to be photographed. I hope you were consoled and compensated by whatever treat you most relish – a bit of fish, a spoonful of cream?

    I have two tabby brothers who remained me after a long time in foster care. They, and their sister, were named after Dickens’ orphans because they initially preferred to sleep on the bookcase behind the books. Little Nell went on to be adopted (and to, I hope, a loving, forever home). Oliver Twist, orange tabby, and Smike Nickleby, brown tabby, were adopted and are still with us 10 years later. Baihu, you have the coloring of Smike N, but the expression of Oliver. So I will think of you when I look at our tabby boys.

    BTW, perhaps your staff would be kind enough to provide the correct pronunciation of your name. A quick webhunt provided a variety of options.

    aka pghwelshgirl

  3. One of our two owners is the same way. Anyone else comes around and that guy is gone. The other one is just the opposite.

    1. We’ve had Booker since January and my daughter has only seen him streaking by when she comes over.

  4. Baihu looks very much like the cat that I grew up with, named Chin-chin. That apparently means ‘cheers!’ in Italian and ‘penis’ in Japanese…

  5. Thanks, everybody!

    Yes, Baihu doesn’t care much for invaders in the home. He does well with people when we’re out on the trail.

    The gang dropped me off a short while ago. He scolded me mightily for abandoning him so cruelly and what did he ever do to deserve such treatment? But, as predicted, within just a couple minutes he was back on my shoulders. I normally only give him katsuobushi as a dessert in the evenings, but, of course, he got a large handful.

    …and he’s calling me again…gotta run….


      1. He’s got lots of stripes, and the majority of the light portions are a light neutral gray — especially his legs and tail. Around his shoulders the tan starts to creep in, and that’s where you’re seeing most of the color here.


        1. It’s true love when you can rationalize that egregiously. Gray = white; tan = white. OK Ben, we’ve got your number. 😎

  6. What a handsome shot!

    Considering Baihu was a true feral, IIRC, I’m glad you were able to see him at all.

    Neither of my cats is a lovey-dovey, come-to-strangers type. That’s OK–the d*gs more than overcompensate for that.

    1. You should have heard him when I got back…he couldn’t believe I could be so cruel to him as to abandon him like that for entire days at a time, and what did he ever do to deserve that!?

      (And, yes, of course — Mom and Dad were by a couple times a day to set out fresh victuals and make sure all was okay.)


      1. My cat, Gunner, loves to spend time in the garage chasing geckos and spiders. During inclement weather we leave the door between house and garage closed and listen for commands of re-entry, but on occasion we don’t catch those commands in as timely a manner as Gunner would like, so upon re-entry I get the feralese for what has to be ‘a$$hole’ as he brushes past me on his way to snacks or what have you. He has water and litter out there with him, but snacks are entirely up to him when he’s out in the wild, wild garage.

  7. He’s really come a long way with his socialization skills. He doesn’t look happy to be there, but at least he’s not tearing the walls down trying to escape.

    1. I’ll let an expert on cat coat genetics be authoritative, but I was under the impression that it’s a different variety of tri-color coat associated with females; he’s just got some blending of the tan and white in the stripes, not a calico patterning. Baihu is most definitely male.


        1. Yes; the calico coat is one with large patches of orange, white, and black / dark brown.

          But Baihu is, if I remember right, technically a brown mackerel tabby, and the light stripes of those tend to be a gradient from near-white to cream to tan. An image search for “brown mackerel tabby” will show a number of cats with coats similar to Baihu’s, with a lot of males identified (including the first in the list when I do the search).


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