Left Jab radio interview

June 14, 2015 • 2:30 pm
Here’s another radio interview about my book, one taking place tonight between 8:05 and 8:17 ET (subtract one hour for Chicago time) on Sirius XM Radio, Channel 127, the “Progress Channel”. The show is “Left Jab Radio”, which airs for two hours on Sunday evening, and you can find the link here. It being Sirius and all, I think you have to pay to subscribe, but the podcasts are archived at the link. If there’s a way to listen for free, do post it below.

7 thoughts on “Left Jab radio interview

  1. Here’s hoping “Left Jab” radio doesn’t turn into “rabbit punch” radio, or “kidney shot” radio, or “low blow” radio. (Don’t forget to wear your cup.)

    As the referee instructs the fighters at the beginning of a bout: “Protect yourself at all times. In case of a knockdown go to a neutral corner. I expect a good, clean fight. Now touch gloves and come out boxing at the sound of the bell.”

    1. … I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I coulda been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am, let’s face it.

  2. Interview (17 minutes) posted at leftjabradio.com 25 minutes ago. I happened to look at their website 5 minutes after it was posted, and listened before coming here to give link. Good interview.

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