World’s oldest cat is no more

June 7, 2015 • 2:30 pm

by Grania

Reader Barry alerted Jerry to an article in HuffPo relating the sad new that Tiffany Two, the world’s oldest living cat has died.

As cats go, she had a pretty good innings of 27 years in the lap of luxury. Her staff, Sharron Voorhees had this to say:

“She was truly remarkable. I think animals are such a blessing. They teach you all about love, and they expand your ability to love.”

I often think that well-loved pets get the best lives out of anyone on this planet, every day is a day in Paradise for them. There’s never enough time with them, no matter how long they live. But they enrich our lives, and the memories of happiness and love and togetherness stay forever.

As somebody once said: although they did live happily ever after, the point,  is that they lived.


Hat-tip: Barry


9 thoughts on “World’s oldest cat is no more

  1. Good innings is right, that’s three time a typical baseball game!

    RIP Tiffany Two, you successfully brought a lot of happiness into the world.

    1. A baseball innings runs for nine years?! And I though a five-day test match was slow!

  2. TIFFANY TWO looks almost like our Emma. 27 years would be great but when you loose them it is always very sad.

  3. Poor old Sandy declined in his last 5 or so years. He peed on whatever he wanted to pee on, and was a generally bad old man, but we kept him in good food, a low entrance litter box and lots of love.

    He died at 21 human years literally kicking the bucket, in his case his food bowl (I was there to hear it) and lived and ended a great life.

    All hail to Sandy. His ashes are still above the fireplace a year later because he lived a live like a boss.

  4. I don’t mean to be a downer, but according to the article the owner wasn’t in possession of the cat for 2 years and then it shows up out of the blue. I’m wondering if maybe it’s more likely that a similar looking cat showed up – lots of cats look like this as suggested by Randy Schenck -looking for a meal and the owner simply saw what any of us would want. Memories are notoriously unreliable especially after 2 years. In this case a 10 year old cat would have left and a similar looking but younger adult cat would have returned around 2000, and lived for another 15 or so years. Not that any of this really matters…

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