Mother weasel rescues bereft baby

June 5, 2015 • 3:45 pm

Here’s a heartwarming moment for the end of the week. From The Dodovia reader Su, we have an endearing video of a mother weasel and her string of offspring, who clamber to follow mom over a stone wall. One hapless baby gets left behind, but, after some weaselly distress calls, mom comes back to rescue it.


34 thoughts on “Mother weasel rescues bereft baby

  1. At the end, I laughed exactly the same amount of syllables as the person filming.

    Thanks for your end-of-week videos. They are a treat.


  2. Kind of reminds me of what it would take for mom to get me to church when I was a wee kid. Fortunately she never had the energy.

  3. Maternal instinct is strong and inspiring to observe. Yesterday in a bush near our door, three baby robins fledged when my unsuspecting wife poked into the nest for a status check. Out they went, landing in the flowers and shrubs, with mom squawking loudly nearby. We kept the, always curious, maggie the wonder d*g inside for the day. By morning the chicks were gone.
    I assume the mom will continue feeding and defending them for a few days ’till they can manage on their own. Why can’t endangered species be so lucky?

      1. Yes, I’d noticed the black tip and thought “that’s significant, at least for British species”. But I couldn’t remember which way the difference went.

  4. Dunno how heartwarming that was. She just flung the baby. But a very interesting clip. I’ve never seen weasels in the wild. Saw a rabbit in downtown Hamilton (steeltown) 2years ago. And raccoons are constant.

    1. An acquaintance of many years ago, harking to his previous alternating and overlapping careers as poacher and gamekeeper, used this key for distinguishing between (British) stoats and weasels :
      “You can use either of them to clean out the barrel of your 12-bore shotgun, but you’d need to “dress” the weasel first.”

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