Monday humor: Felidae

June 1, 2015 • 7:20 am

Shall we start off the week with some felid humor? Yes, why not.

First, a tw**t about the World’s Worst Idea:

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 6.56.43 AM

And here’s yesterday’s Get Fuzzy, featuring Bucky, a cat who is a complete, self-centered jerk (and of course in that way represents all cats). Bucky’s staff consists of Rob, the human, and the long-suffering Satchel, a d*g:

Get Fuzzy

h/t: jsp, Grania

12 thoughts on “Monday humor: Felidae

  1. I loved Get Fuzzy, mainly because it was the first animal-human strip that I’d seen where the animals actually talked to the human.

    It was evidently too sophisticated for the Richmond (Va.) Times-Disgrace.

    Which still runs Hagar, Beetle Bailey, Mark Twain and a number of other nothings.

    And Garfield, after an infusion of life with the Jon/Veterinarian romance, has again degraded into monotony.

    1. Note: If you Google “richmond va times-disgrace” it will without fanfare point you to Times-Dispatch articles.

  2. Yeah, that top picture is almost as stupid as donning a black, slick-looking seal-like garment and going surfing in shark-infested waters…

    1. Which leads to the thought: what’s the half-life of a board-mounted Go-Pro in South Australia?

  3. I think the lions are not fully grown. Still, it really looks stupid. Like a double-header for a future ‘Darwin Award’.

  4. That’s some impressive stoopid but the worst idea ever is still ‘if you kill people for god you will get an eternity of bliss’

  5. That first photo looks like something taken from Jackass. Oh brother.

    I like the line: “Dogs like everybody, Hitler had dogs.” *snicker*

    1. Close. That’s Steve-O and Chris Pontius in the zebra suit, on their show WildBoyz–kind of a Jackass/National Geographic hybrid.

      Ah, good ol’ Wildboyz

    2. And Hitler fed his dogs cyanide shortly before he killed himself. Well, what’s a couple of canines after you’d already had about 20 million or more people killed.
      Looks like those guys in the zebra costume want to become lion lunch! I’m sure there are less painful ways to do yourself in.
      I don’t read Get Fuzzy regularly but I usually enjoy it when I do.

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