Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ hornets

May 27, 2015 • 8:15 am

Once again the Jesus and Mo author, in a strip called “nest,” manages to convey in four panels a complex behavior: the double standard of coddling the feelings of Muslims when their prophet is insulted, while turning a blind eye to criticisms of other faiths:



Reader Cindy, by the way, called my attention to a nice article in the Atlantic (by Tanya Basu) on the meaning of “Islamophobia”. The odious Reza Aslan makes an appearance at the end, defending the word as meaning “racism and bigotry against Muslims.” I think the word is confusing, and constantly conflates hatred of Muslims as people with criticism and intense dislike of the tenets of their faith.  “Muslimophobia” would be a better word.

26 thoughts on “Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ hornets

  1. Well, if the word ‘islamophobia’ did not conflate different meanings it ceased to be so useful for these who use it.

  2. Perhaps “misoIslamic: Islam-hating” would be useful without “x-phobic: x-fearing” type of misleading baggage. But hate vs. fear may not be the key issue where Islam vs. Muslim as target-object is the issue. So several new coynages may be needed.

  3. At least the Catholic church knows how to do that Homophobia or gayophobia thing. News flash from the BBC says Vatican Official (that would be the Pope really) says outcome of the vote in Ireland was a defeat for humanity.

    So good they could set us straight on that…

    1. It is nice to see that the RCC continues to dig its own grave, even with the new super-duper, liberal, reformer extraordinaire, every man’s Pope at the helm.

      1. Having spent the first week in office flattering to deceive, he has, of course, reverted to type. He does, after all, wear the same has as those before.

        Mo’ is clearly not concerned about the road ahead.

  4. Referring to racism against Arabs, xenophobia and christian primacy in those specific terms doesn’t aid apologists in crafting their preferred narrative.
    The equivocators use the term islamophobia for exactly the the same reason that my razor has a quad-action precision hair removal system rather than simply four blades.
    It’s just spin.

  5. Awww. The poor widdle Muslim’s fee-fees got hurt when somebody made a booboo at his imagiwawy fwiend, and now he’s having a tantrum. Time for some time out.


      1. The word, “trigger,” makes me think of gun violence. And taxidermied horses. Nay, I need a trigger warning before you shoot that kind of language at me, of course.


  6. In the linked Atlantic article, Reza Aslan is quoted as saying that Islamophobia “is impervious to data and information” because “[b]igotry resides in the heart, not brain.” Is Aslan really so shallow a thinker that he cannot distinguish literal meaning from hackneyed metaphor? Maybe next he’ll offer up a detailed analysis of the matter according to the four essential bodily humors — black and yellow bile, blood, and phlegm.

          1. I think something might interfere with the propagation of the light you’re trying to shed on this discussion — namely that which is rocking the boat: is it waves, or…?


  7. Christianity and Judaism seem to make do with one moniker.

    I’ve seen the words “Islam,” “Moslem,” “Muslim,”
    “Mohammedan,” “Mohammedanism,” (spell check accepts that last one, though one rarely ever hears it uttered). I wonder which is most/least “offensive” to the easily “offended”?

  8. I favour the word Islamoprobria. Opprobrium is a thought-through critical dislike. Instead of Phobia, which implies irrationality.

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