Tuesday: Hili dialogue

May 12, 2015 • 5:10 am

Personal update: my back continues to improve, but I’m still banned on Facebook, which for some reason really irks me, for no reason was given—and how can you respond to an unknown accusation in an appeal? Well, it’s not the end of the world, for there are many noms and good times to come. Meanwhile in Dobrzyn, Hili (to paraphrase the Beatles) is making a hole where the bugs get in:

A: Hili, what are you doing?
Hili: I’m making the holes bigger because otherwise the insects cannot get through.

P1020621In Polish:

Ja: Hili, co ty robisz?
Hili: Powiększam dziurki w siatce, bo insekty nie mogą się tu dostać.

23 thoughts on “Tuesday: Hili dialogue

  1. > and how can you respond to an unknown accusation in an appeal?

    I think there’s a book on that: Kafka 1925.

    1. We have plenty of wonderful spiders here but with the amount of mosquitos here even they are overwhelmed.

      1. Ah, I notice you have a window that opens, Malgorzata. Could Hili be taught to go up on a ledge by that window instead of the other one? You could let her in that way instead of having to go outside to fetch her from the other window sill. One could easily install a cat flap into the window screen, lickety-split. Of course if there’s no window ledge, that would entail some work to rig up one.

        1. I’m not sure chameleons would thrive in our climate. And the source of mosquitos is only the river, which is quite close to our house.

  2. I won’t be endearing myself to anyone when I say, “Facebook is a pox on humanity”. I think you’re better off without it~ issues of convenience notwithstanding.
    Still, I hope it sorts out for you.

    1. The spouse is on Facebook. I’ve worked with and designed computer systems since the 1970’s. Functions on Facebook are often illogically placed and difficult to find. I for the life of me can’t understand why people bother with it. What the hell is wrong with simple menus with understandable functions? And hiding menus until you happen to mouse over them? Who the hell came up with that? That belongs in an adventure game (see how old I am?) and not in a user interface.

      Bleah …..

    2. I won’t be endearing myself to anyone when I say, “Facebook is a pox on humanity”.

      I am deafened (not) by the chorus of disagreement.
      I must go an post your blasphemous statement to my FaceBook page! Not.

  3. Jerry, the weird part of this is that, while your personal account is disabled, your public page still works just fine.

    I’ve been out of the loop somewhat lately, and hadn’t heard about your banning. This morning I posted a photo that I figured you’d like, but when I tried to tag you, nothing but your public page came up. I thought maybe you’d closed down your personal account in favor of devoting more time to your public page.

      1. It looks like one of those “public figure” pages they assemble for rock stars, politicians, and the like. I don’t have access to facebook on this computer, but maybe one of your other faithful readers can locate the page and send you the link. If not, I can send it this afternoon when I get home from work.

  4. A number of years ago, I was visiting some friends who had recently adopted a new kitten. Their house had a solid front door plus a screen door, and when I arrived, the main door was open, and the new kitten was hanging on the inside of the screen door, like one of those stuffed Garfields that you occasionally see suction-cupped to a car window. So I just opened screen door + cat as one unit, and entered the house.

  5. Oh, cats and screens! SO annoying. I want to have my windows open but that involves figuring out some way to keep the cats off the screens. grrrrrrrrrrr

    “Making the holes bigger so the insects can get in.” Exactly!

    1. I have (non-overly-ugly) steel mesh security doors booth front and back. Baihu climbs them — or, more often, vaults off them on his way to the top of the (inner open) door. Regular insect mesh wouldn’t last a single day…

      …and so I pretty much always keep the windows closed but always open the doors whenever weather permits.

      It actually works pretty well. The security doors let a lot of air through, especially when there’s any kind of a breeze…and, being on opposite sides of the house with an open shot between the two (I’m sitting at my kitchen table and I can see both about the same distance away), they permit the movement of a lot of air.

      …during, of course, those parts of the year when the overnight lows aren’t in the 90s….


      1. I get the best ventilation by opening the front door and the sliding door in the family room on the opposite side of the house, so that is an option I should consider. Probably eventually just as cost-effective as constantly getting a new slider screen door…

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