14 thoughts on “Philomena on BBC tonight

  1. God did this for you Jerry. It’s to make up for his minions taking away your Facebook account. He wasn’t, of course, able to stop their bad behaviour in the first place – that would’ve been interfering in the free choice He gave them! 🙂

  2. Rackspace.co.uk has nice little VMs you can configure squid3 on. Just saying.

    Furthermore, get_iplayer works well. In case that is useful.

    1. get_iplayer only works if you have a UK ip address. Those of us who don’t pay the licence fee don’t get to listen, unfortunately. (Although Aunty Beeb does let us live stream the radio shows)

        1. Whenever I want to use US Netflix from the UK I use a Chrome plug-in called Hola. It proxies your traffic to appear as though it’s coming from a country of your choice. It should enable you to watch iPlayer from the US or anywhere else for that matter. A word of caution though – as it directs your web traffic through a proxy there is a possibility that it could be intercepted by a third party. My advice would be to only ever use it when watching media etc – always disable or uninstall once you have finished watching.

      1. Those of us who don’t pay the licence fee don’t get to listen, unfortunately.

        How do they know whether or not you have paid the license fee? I’m not aware of any mechanism for them to find that information. As far as I know, the iPlayer restrictions are purely on the basis of whether or not you have a UK-based IP address.

  3. I feel sorry for my American friends, who seem to be locked out of English comedy. We take the piss out of each other all the time and enjoy it, and irony is the very ground. “Who do you think you are?” put down is normality. I was not popular in the USA. Boo! Keep up the good work. PS. We love your stuff.

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