28 thoughts on “Platypuses can carry stuff *with their tail*

  1. Cool. Add Archaeornithura meemannae and swimming tortoises to that and I’ve learned a lot today.

  2. I think that’s only developed since Oz banned plastic shopping bags.

    Wonderful creatures – and thanks to WEIT I’ve learned a dozen or so wonderful things about them in just the last few months. Including this!

      1. From that link:
        ” A mother typically produces one or two eggs and keeps them warm by holding them between her body and her tail. “

        1. Seems both the eggs and the nest might thereby be marked with the mama’s scent. Maybe that helps the young feel safe, when they start hanging out freely in the nest or at least find their way home if they wander too far after a butterfly.

        1. Thanks for that, both of you. I know they lay eggs but I mistakenly thought/misremembered that they had a pouch to stash the babies which are only the size of lima beans when they hatch.

              1. The babies do in fact suck, not lap. Just as you’d do if you spilt a drink on somebody’s hairy belly and didn’t want to waste it (our tongues are no better for lapping than platys’ are).

  3. Amazed..

    😃Why do I think some people put cigarettes on their ears. :)… And drug smugglers…

  4. A swimming mammal with a duck bill that lays eggs, makes nests, has venom, and carries stuff with its tail?

    The Victorians who saw the first specimen thought it was a fake and they hadn’t even heard about the last bit.

    G*d must have created platypii first, when he was trying out all the features. Obviously it was Critter v.0.1 beta, not designed for general release, and it must have escaped somehow.

  5. Maybe the coolest thing is that our North American opossums (Didelphis) do that too…wonder if carrying nest materials with the tail is a mammalian trait, lost in placentals (or is it)?

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