21 thoughts on “Feline stiff-arms

  1. I’ve found that the old fashioned Doan’s back pills are some of the best things for back problems, even better than prescription meds.

    I love the utter disconcern by the second video with the backfoot action.

    1. Not at once, surely?
      (Had a friend who did that once. Wanted people to come to the house and sympathise with him over his broken-down relationship. What he got was the police kicking the house door open and escorting him to an ambulance. Didn’t try it again.)

      1. Yikes, no, not all at once! In judicious doses as prescribed. A lot of people (especially men) take less than they should and it’s not a good idea. Pain actually causes more inflammation so not only is life pleasanter without it, you get better more quickly. Pain sucks.

    2. Absolutely, take your painfillers on time, so the pain doesn’t get ahead of you, Dr.C! It’s harder to calm it down, once that happens.
      But it’s important, while you’re relatively painfree, not to make any sudden, awkward moves/exertions that might re-injure your back. Could take months to stabilize.

  2. I love how cats do that to puppies. I have a big black cat who used to pin the next door neighbour’s labrador to the ground. After it had grown too big for that he would just curl up and sleep on top of the labrador instead.

  3. I like the ones on YouTube, which I can play on my TV, where one cat calmly, with one hand pushes the other cat down the stairs or into the bathtub. Then there are the cats very deliberately with one hand pushing a glass off the counter onto the floor. And watching carefully as it falls. Clearly some part of the cat religion. 🐈🐈😺

    1. Clearly some part of the cat religion.

      What? Paying attention to the behaviour of other objects under the influence of a gravitational field to which cats are only intermittently answerable to?

  4. Reading a couple of books by Dr. John Sarno, a neurosurgeon from NYU Hospital in NYC, made my back problems disappear. He is a brilliant man who has improved thousands of lives. His books are unlike anything else you will ever read about back problems. I have two of them here, “Healing Back Pain, The Mind-Body Connection” originally published in 1991 and “The Mindbody Prescription, Healing the Body, Healing the Pain”, 1998. I can’t say enough good things about these books and I will gladly mail you either one or both as a small token of my appreciation for the education and enjoyment you’ve given me in your wonderful book and on this website. Just email me the best address and the package will be on the way.

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