Sunday: Hili dialogue (and double lagniappe)

May 3, 2015 • 4:51 am

The good news is twofold: it will be lovely weather in Chicago today (the rains start tomorrow), and my back is much improved, thanks to copious use of ice packs.  Otherwise, Professor Ceiling Cat waits anxiously for the publication of the Albatross. Meanwhile in Dobrzyn, Hili is, as usual, concerned with her noms. I fear she is not inheriting the philosophical leanings of her predecessor Pia:

Hili: Here you are!
A: I’m here.
Hili: So, let’s go to the kitchen!
In Polish:
Hili: Tu jesteś!
Ja: Tu jestem.
Hili: To idziemy do kuchni!
Lagniappe #1: Orchard blooming, day 7:
Lagniappe #2: a monologue by Leon, the Very Serious Tabby who is setting off on another hiking adventure in Poland.
Leon: Attention! In 100 m you are to turn left.

8 thoughts on “Sunday: Hili dialogue (and double lagniappe)

  1. I think we should be able to do Cherry trees here. Do you recall how many acres they have?

  2. Yay for decreased back pain! You can never go wrong with ice.

    Hili is cute – I love her cute little face & I want to kiss it (then sneeze). I always come home sneezy after visiting friends with cats as their cats always like me and then I HAVE to pet them!

    1. Besides, it’s hard to be philosophical when you’re ready for your next meal! 🙂

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