Thursday: Hili dialogue

April 23, 2015 • 4:44 am

Is it Thursday already? Just yesterday it was Hump Day, and tomorrow is Friday, when we must choose our seats. I have a day of hard work ahead, with the only thing to look forward to being a big latte with two shots of espresso (made in my office). Well, I’m better off than most, I guess—my hard work doesn’t involve mining gold at 18,000 feet (see the latest New Yorker).

Meanwhile in Dobrzyn, the Princess (and Editor) continues to have a better life than all of us:

A: Could you go and conspire somewhere else?
Hili: Don’t listen to him. This is my desk.


In Polish:
Ja: Czy możecie spiskować gdzie indziej?
Hili: Nie słuchaj go, to jest moje biurko.

4 thoughts on “Thursday: Hili dialogue

  1. I think Hili is telling Cyrus she’ll hold the football so he can kick it. But we know where that will end.

  2. Coffee is a good thing to look forward to. I’ve had a French press for about a week or so and I’m still trying to dial everything in…it’s making the best coffee I’ve made at home, but there’s still room for improvement….


  3. My morning coffee arrives courtesy of a Jura Capresso machine, which has pride of place in the kitchen.

    I love all the Hili dialogues and photos, and look forward to them just as much as to my morning coffee – but I must admit my favorites are the ones with Cyrus in them too.

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